Eat This Protein Breakfast To Remove Inflammation And Shrink Waist

To eat the same thing for breakfast every day is not really appealing, especially when you can try different options that are still health. This healthy recipe we have for you reduces inflamed areas and waistline size too!

It sounds like preparing a lunch or dinner but it is perfectly created for the start of the day.

It gives a bunch proteins and makes muscles nourished and bigger, while it melts excess fat and keeps you satiated.

Avocado eggs baked


  • 2 eggs
  • 1 avocado
  • Pepper, salt, turmeric or cayenne

The main protein I in the eggs since they have 7 g protein in them. Also there is vitamin D there that makes bones stronger. The vitamin A improves sight, the B12 levels the red blood cells, B2 for better digestion, and vitamin E for immunity, brain health, skin and eyes.

The satiety is from the fat content of this breakfast.

Now, the avocado has a load of potassium, vitamin E, fibers and magnesium. Also it has folic acid and all these combined are a health bomb! They make digestion better and overall dtox and keep you full.

The fibers help in cleansing the colon. Then, there is also healthy hormone levels and good LDL cholesterol control.


Preheat oven to 225 degrees and cut the avocado in half. Remove the seeds and make room for placing the eggs. With a spoon dig in the fruit and put the egg there in the hole. You can also spice this up.

Then, put the filled avocados on a baking sheet and right to the oven.

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