Diabetes And How Rice Is Bad For Diabetes People, Even Worse Than Tasty Sugars!

Scientists said that there is a new problem with diabetes issues – white rice. This rice can be even worse than a soda or dessert.

To reduce chances of diabetes, doctors and researchers advise to reduce sugar drink and sodas since obesity and sugars are reasons no.1.

Still, Asian people have more tendencies for diabetes, more than Caucasians, so don’t fret too early.

The starch white rice is consumed too much and their blood sugar levels increase diabetes risks.

There was a meta-analysis of 4 studies and these were the results:

  1. Eating 1 plate serving rice daily increases diabetes risk by 11% In all people.
  2. Asians eat 4 plates a day, and Americans & Australians are 5.


Still, the experts won’t tell people to forget about rice since rice is eaten everywhere and people love it. The obvious solution is to choose healthy options for rice.

Long grain is superior to short grain when linked to blood sugar spikes.

Raised sugar levels make the pancreas produce more insulin and such spikes cause diabetes.

Experts even say people could add and mix 20% brown rice with the white one. This can even reduce diabetes risk by 16%. Also it is added that you don’t have to completely replace all food items, just eat more whole grains and brown rice.

Also diabetes can make kidneys fail and even lead to amputations!

Dr. Stanley Liew, a diabetes expert even said people have to eat less rice and junk food/sodas are also bad and must be avoided.

Source and images source: healthadore.com