Dates Are The Healthiest Fruit And Are A Cure

Dates Benefits

Dates have fibers and improve digestion

The sugar in dates means they are a perfect replacement for white sugar. They are easily digested and suppress appetite. Since they have many nutrients, they are perfect for all of us regardless of age or similar things. Also, dates can cure many illnesses. They regulate cholesterol, anemia, strokes prevention and heart issues, also cancer too.

Iron abundance

Dates are rich with iron and that is why they cure anemia; in 100 g dates you get 0.90 g iron or the 11% daily intake. Another thing is the better oxygen transfer in the brain so mostly teenagers and pregnant women benefit the most of iron.

Vitamins for the eyes

Dates have eye vitamins or lutein and zeaxanthin which are good for the eye retina and macula. These are responsible for enhancing sight and prevention of macula damage that comes with age. Improve sight by eating dates.


Also, in dates you get calcium – mineral that impacts diarrhea. This fruits refreshes the gut flora and regularly eating them creates good bacteria in the stomach.


Since they promote good digestion they remove toxins and if you have constipation leave some dates in water overnight. They will release juices that act like laxatives and improve intestines health and the fibers will speed up metabolism and digestion.

Better delivery

A study was made in Jordan University for Science and Technology about eating dates regularly for 4 weeks. They reduced pain and bleeding before the due date and these women also had easier birthing; also they suffered less from postpartum depression signs and had more milk in their breasts.

Better weight

Since dates regulate appetite that makes them perfect for diets. Also, they have many nutrients for losing fat and even though they don’t have cholesterol they have sugars so be careful with the servings.

Stronger heart

Dates are good for those with heart issues and they should eat them every day. Leave dates in a glass of water during the night. Then blend them in the morning and drink this.

Less high pressure

Dates have calcium and just 5-6 dates give you 80 mg magnesium that is beneficial for the dilating of blood vessels. Studies proved 370 mg magnesium a day to be great for blood pressure reduction.

Prevent strokes

Dates have potassium too which is protecting the nervous system. Studies say you reduce stroke risk by 40% if you eat enough potassium.

Brain food

There is phosphorus in dates also and this makes the brain work properly.

Better libido

For a better sex life and drive, soak several dates in goat milk and leave that overnight. In the morning, mix dates and milk and add cardamom and honey and this is good for both sexes. You will notice more energy and strength.

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