20 Benefits And Uses Of Epsom Salt In The Household

This salt is not just regular salt. It has many minerals and comes from a saline English spring so it has magnesium and sulfate combined. This mineral is famous for the health benefit and also cleaning, gardening, as to SaltWorks.

Use it in many ways for beauty, health, cleaning.

See below all the uses and DIY crafts too

  1. Clean hair- if you have greasy hair, remove oil with Epsom salt in the shampoo and use normally as you always do.
  2. Feet scrub- in the winter our feet and toes are cold and dry, and skin gets cracked a lot. Remove it by mixing Epsom and olive oil, castile soap and essential oils and scrub 2 times weekly.
  3. No frizz and more volume- mix hair mask and Epsom salt. Heat in pan and from the roots to ends, apply and after 20 minutes wash off. It removes frizz and gives volume.
  4. Wash the face- mix Epsom and liquid soap or face lotion. Apply and rinse. Skin will be refreshed and dead skin removed.
  5. No flaky lips- mix Epsom and petroleum jelly and massage dry lips
  6. Headache- if your head hurts from the job or kids or other reasons, soak in Epsom bath. This removes tension in the whole body
  7. Tummy issues- remove constipation and other issues by sipping Epsom salt in water glass. The magnesium resolves this issue.
  8. Good morning after- if you drank too much last night, just prepare to relieve this hangover. Sip tsp Epsom in water and flush the toxins while you also drink a lot of water.
  9. Fading bruises- don’t use raw meat on bruises and injuries. Mix Epsom and water and apply on the bruise.
  10. More shut eye- soak in Epsom bath and after 20 minutes relax and fall asleep more easily.
  11. No muscle ache- dip in Epsom bath water and after the gym or other laborious activities, soothe your muscles and remove soreness while they recover.
  12. Pull out splinter- apply salt to that skin area and the splinter will easily emerge. No more tweezers!
  13. Fertilizing plants- take 1 tbsp salt to the tomato tree and make it grow faster and bigger
  14. Clean bathroom- mix 1 part Epsom and 1 part liquid soap and scrub away
  15. Water for houseplants- mix a few spoons Epsom and water and the plants will like it
  16. Chase away slugs- sprinkle the Epsom on the tiles in the yard and patio and slugs will no longer bother you.
  17. Boost roses- with a tbsp. Epsom to the soil, you will have gorgeous many roses
  18. Clean washer- put in the washing machine some hot water and Epsom and make it work one cycle to have those plaque layers removed.
  19. Protected plants- with Epsom in the grass, plants will be healthy and not damaged by weather and bugs
  20. Greener grass!- 2 tbsp Epsom in gallon water and apply on the grass to keep it fresh green hue. Magnesium will stop yellowing on the grass.

So.. Always Keep Epsom Salt In Your Home

Source and image source: remedydaily.com