Wondrous Herb Made A Woman Go From 72 kg To 67 kg In 3 Days

We all know what parsley herb is and use it for meal additions and spicing, but this herb has a lot more to offer than just this. It is diuretic and affects urinary issues and infections related to kidneys.

Also stops water from keeping inside the body. Here you can see a recipe from parsley, mostly made in the Balkans and with it you can improve urinary tract work and flush out extra water.


  • Five parsley stalks, chopped
  • One liter water

Preparing the Parsley herb Method:

Add the parsley in boiling water, 1 liter and then remove the pan from heat while you let it sit aside for 20 minutes. The water should blend with the parsley and heal you. Then strain before drinking.

The parsley is a known diuretic all natural of course, and will remove bacteria, toxins and other unwanted substances in the body; it is antioxidant so it shields off the free radicals and lessens risks of cancer growth. It is advised daily to drink 1 liter parsley tea, however don’t drink more than that.

Source and image source: non-stophealthy.com