Reverse Diabetes And Know All Facts

When he grew up in Mississippi, Herman L. Kemp, Jr. had fried chicken and biscuits for breakfast and sometimes he even added macaroni and cheese as side dish. This was also his adulthood habit and he would always spend money on buffet breakfast meals and then also few others for lunch or dinner. He lived solely for eating and not surviving he recollects.

When he reached age 34, he even got 454 lbs and hypertension over 200-192. His blood analyses said the blood glucose is more than 100 ml per dl or meaning pre-diabetes. The doctor was concerned and really friendly towards him. If Kemp kept this lifestyle, he would even get to emergency rooms from heart attack.

It was final; he had to change completely in order to avoid diabetes 2, like his mother.

He wasn’t alone in all this. The American Diabetes Association stated 57 million USA citizens to have pre-diabetes, or blood sugar above normal levels, and they are at risk to get full diabetes 2, heart attack, stroke, amputation, metabolic syndrome, kidney failure or other.

There is good news: the National Institutes of Health shows diabetes 2 to be the most common type but it can be prevented fully. It is all about diets and life changes, said Holly Lucille, ND, RN, west Hollywood California naturopath. She also adds some studies even proved the diet only can also make major changes and stop diabetes.

Now is the time, pre diabetes or full diabetes, read more to prevent it.

Defined diabetes

You heard of 2 types diabetes: 1 and 2. Type 1 means the pancreas doesn’t make enough insulin or the hormone that makes cells absorb the glucose as fuel. Also type 1 is linked to genetics, early in life and sadly not stopped. The type 2 is linked to life habits, diets and never genetics; here the cells are resisting insulin and the extra glucose goes in the blood. This extra glucose makes a mess to the heart, vessels, eyes, nerves and kidneys.

It is not clear still why some cells are resisting insulin, but reasons might be obesity, extra weight and physical inertia. This extra weight and obesity is the first reason for diabetes 2 since fat cells resist insulin more than muscle cells.

Decisions on diet

To change your diet is crucial as you see. This way you prevent a disease, as MD, Richard Bergenstal said. He is the president of medicine and science for the American Diabetes Association and even adds that long periods of obesity or plus weight, tire the pancreas. Not just resistance to insuln, but now you also deal with insulin deficit so you produce less insulin than you need and blood sugar cannot be normal.

To avoid this, he advises minus 500 calories a day and also diet rules and workouts. Walk a few miles, skip desserts and follow such small rules. This way you can even have 1 pound less after a week.

Apart from diet changes also think what you consume exactly. High carb regime is not good and the body has more glucose and insulin so the cells are overburdened.

Refuse processed, sugary and high carb foods, lower fruit juices amount and dairy too since they have sugars and glucose will spike. Also, go for small servings with many fibers, due to the fiber’s release of glucose and sensitivity to insulin. This is like a slow glucose stream and not a shock, diet-sugar blast.


Don’t run right away to stop diabetes. A study from the National Institutes of Health stated that those with diabetes 2 and walking daily for 30 minutes, 5 days a week had less &5 body weight and less diabetes chances by whole 58%.

Try light, walk 5 times weekly, this is realistic, Bergenstal says. These changes really matter. Churches, companies, YMCA, and centers all promote low intensity workout programs. Don’t sign up right away for the official thing – you just need music, headphones and leaving the house.

Mind the mind

Walks and healthy diets are ok, but keep in mind anxiety is a factor too. If you are stressed the body releases hormones that mess with insulin resistance and top the pancreas work. This is not a proof but it can influence a lot. Depression is a factor too and these people have twice as much risks for this.

To reduce stress or depression, get a favorite thing. Meditation, yoga, walks, baths. These all recharge you. Just like laptop needs to be recharged once in a while.

Send a message clearly

Is all this effective? Do people succeed in such preventions? According to Herman Kemp, yes.

When his doctor was concerned in 2005, Kemp started to eat 1500 cals a day. In the morning he ate whole wheat cereal and toast, for lunch small salad and sandwich and for dinner grilled chicken, veggies and brown rice.

After 6 weeks with this extreme change, he saw a difference. He asked for less food and felt satiated more and never craved junk food. In 6 months Kemp had less 70 lbs. after 18 months he had 200 lbs less! In 3 years he never got a pound back.

Kemp is not a pre-diabetic anymore but that is due to his new life habits. He used to be a while in the car not wanting to walk across the parking lot, but now he runs with no problems even 10 miles daily. His success was a trigger for other people; his father-in-law who is diabetic 2 and shed off 40 lbs with healthy habits.

Diabetes 2 has a threat to anyone that encounters it, says Kemp. A guy on college campus, a football player, passed away due to diabetes after a few months. Now, Kemp sends a message for the right thing and telling others about the threats and cures.

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