The Healthiest Veggie In The World And We Have Neglected It

This is the watercress and it contains a bunch of iron, more than spinach. Also it has more vitamin C than oranges or lemons!

It was always known to be a healer and this plant was used many generations back, but it got forgotten lately. It originates from Eurasia, and today it is found everywhere.

Officially, a study proved that this leafy veggie is the healthiest there is.

What is this exactly?

The watercress stops and reduces the oxidating stress and improves antioxidant benefits of the process. It cleanses the blood, makes you refreshed, increases appetite and makes a detox.

It was known for folk medicine cures like fresh juice usage. It is advised to consume this juice of ratio 1:5, 1 being the juice and 5 the water, otherwise you can inflame the belly and throat. Also, it is not good to drink it daily, but maybe every other day.

This juice is also popular for external use for skin issues, impurities and hair loss. It can be used in 2 ways: rubbing the juice on injuries or as compress. For compress, use crushed leaves and this will reduce skin spots from sun.

Studies also proved this veggie reduces or stops tumor growth and metastases (animal tests), if the extract of this plant is injected. Also it is good to treat heart problems and stop breast cancer spreading. Also, it is good for smokers to eat salad of watercress since it diminishes bad effects of smoking.

How to do a compress?

To make this, chop leaves in tiny pieces. Before the compress, clean the area with alcohol. Then place the leaves and put a bandage. Hold this for 2-4 hours and remove. Then wash. This is used for skin imperfections, particularly those of fungi.


Wash the plant nicely and of the leaves make a salad. Place them in vinegar and salty water to sit for an hour. Mix the watercress with olive oil, chopped  garlic, salt and lemon juice, and sprinkle pepper. Let it sit for 2-3 hours and then eat it.

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