Greatest Signs Of Magnesium Deficit And Solutions

Today in this modern lifestyles and diets, majority of Americans are magnesium deficient. If you lack this, like the rest of vitamins and minerals, you will show some signs.

The magnesium is really important for everything, especially the brain, muscles and heart. Also for calcium absorbing and other metabolic processes.

If you are deficient in this, you need way more than the daily amount to make up. It can be dangerous if untreated.

Below are all the signs of this deficit.

Ringing in ears (hear loss and tinnitus too)

In a study, some Chinese professionals saw that magnesium stops free radicals from forming, the same that cause hear damage in cochlea. This proves that this mineral is crucial for those that work on noisy places.

Not just hear loss, but ringing happens too. The good thing is, scientists from Mayo Clinic in Arizona found a supplement Mg 532 mg, reduced ringing in patients with this issue.


If you have depression, low magnesium might be one reason. 100 years ago, doctors gave magnesium sulfate to such patients.

In a psychiatric hospital in Croatia, blood was tested for magnesium; blood of patients who wanted to commit suicide or those depressed too. The study showed those who tried suicide committing had lower magnesium.

Arrhythmia in heart

As to Henry Low Heart Center (Hartford Hospital), many of the patients that have arrhythmias have this mineral deficit. This is why Mg is prescribed often to people with this problem.

Kidney stones

A lot of people still think these stones are related to excess calcium. But, these stones appear due to low magnesium levels. The magnesium works as kidney stone inhibitor and slows down bondage of oxalate and calcium that make stones. Here is the trick; you have to have enough magnesium to do this process. If you had kidney stones, you have to eat more magnesium foods like dark green veggies, leafy veggies and taking supplements too.

If you need help on his matter, see a doctor and a nutritionist.

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