8 Ways For Resolving Ovarian Cysts

Don’t rush into surgery or meds, try natural ways for the ovaries first. That way you heal cysts and stop them from going back.

When a cyst is formed, doctors say to wait and monitor it if it disappears. For the time being you will get painkillers and eventually surgery.

Luckily, while the doctor follows this, you can do the natural curing and avoid the surgery.

Money will be saved too and you will also feel no side effects.

Natural prevention and cure

To remove the cyst just balance and level the hormones and remove factors that might trigger a cyst. Xenoestrogen and estrogen exposing are risks, disrupt ovulation and make cysts.


  • Soy: it has estrogen and that makes hormonal imbalance
  • Hot meals storing in plastic: they contain xenoestrogen that is released when heated. Always use glass.
  • Plastic water bottle
  • Skin care parabens: they are also in many foods, but not concentrated as in cosmetics. When applied on skin, the body absorbs parabens faster.


  • Organic dairy/meat: avoid the additives in the dairy and meats unless you want new cysts when you raise estrogen levels
  • All natural detergent: mostly they contain xenoestrogen chemicals that go through the skin and clothes
  • Herb cures: the right herbs improve menstrual cycle, increase blood flow to those organs, reduce aches, and refresh liver. Also they eliminate excess hormones and toxins.
  • Maca root: it produces more progesterone, consume 2000-3000 a day.
  • Black cohosh root: reduces ovary pain and regulates the cycle too
  • Milk thistle seeds: balances hormones and liver work
  • Vitex: improves ovulation, hormone balance, better cycle timing
  • Yarrow: better cycle timing and less pelvis congesting.

Never use these herbs if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

  • Try a castor oil pack. Take a cloth and soak it in castor oil and put on skin. This heals organs and tissues and improves reproductive blood flow. However never apply it on wounds or if you are pregnant/breastfeeding.

Source and image source: healthyfooduniverse.com