Quit Gluten Immediately For 3 Months And Remove Autoimmune Illnesses

The autoimmunity is a system that involves the responses of one organism against its own cells or tissues. Any issue as a result of that immune response is called autoimmune disease. The cure for this is complex and needs reducing of inflammation or the body not to attack its own cells. That is the gluten free benefit, avoiding these things. To go gluten free is a hard step but a right one for most of us, since sensitivity to gluten means the body reacts badly to gluten. This makes confusion also with Celiac’s disease or autoimmune illnesses. But to be sure- go gluten free.

Reason 1. You do all wrong.

If you like snacks and bread to much to give them up, you still ingest gluten. Don’t be harsh with yourself, many people that are gluten free still do this mistake. These next things will aid you a bit more:

  • You are gluten free for a month but still continued to eat it
  • You are not eating veggies
  • You go gluten free most of the time, but occasionally eat gluten foods
  • You avoid sugars but eat gluten free pastries, ice cream or cake mixes
  • You avoid bread but eat hotdogs, soy sauce and even use toothpaste and lipstick that might be dangerous

Gluten as food causes a lot of inflammations, eliminate it!

What this means? Well:

  • Avoid gluten minimum 3 months
  • Be careful because gluten is hidden in many things
  • Don’t cheat
  • Eat fruits and veggies
  • Junk food gluten free is still junk food

Reason 2. You have gut issues (SIBO, dysbiosis, infections and yeast)

Autoimmune patients have a lot gut problems too, like SIBO (small intestinal bacteria overgrowth), Intestinal Dysbiosis (too much of bad bacteria), gut infections and parasites, leaky gut and yeast.

For a diagnosis, you need a doctor. But, test yourself in this way by answering the questions:

  • Was I constipated when gluten free?
  • Did I have gas and bloating half an hour after a meal?
  • Do I have abdomen pain?
  • Are my bowels regular? No? Diarrhea and constipation switching?
  • Do I have a history of antibiotics use as child?
  • Do I have strange reactions to some foods? Rash, hives, swellings on eyelids, arms and legs?

If the answer was yes to some or all, you might have some gut problems. Get tested and get a treatment.

Reason 3. Bad immunity due to emotional, physical and physiological stress.

It is known how stress makes more inflammation and worsens immunity. Even a bit of stress like work issues or finances, family and marriage can make the gut irritated.

Stress upsets the gut.

  • Changes the bacteria balance – bad and good
  • Increases intestinal permeability or leaky gut
  • Increases risks of GERD, peptic ulcer, inflammatory bowel disease (Crohn’s or Ulcerative colitis), IBS and allergies.

Resolve this autoimmune issues by managing stress. It is advised to spend 20 minutes daily doing something you like; prayer, yoga, meditation. Also, take Epsom salt bath with lavender oil.

Reason 4. You consume foods that react with gluten or cause inflammations (milk, rice, corn, sesame, gluten free oats)

A lot of foods react with gliadin molecule or the gluten part that people don’t stand. Or, the protein of gliadin and milk, rice, sesame or corn and oats can be similar so our bodies make no difference. Also, these foods can be allergens.

For example, milk has lactose and casein, both are heavily tolerated and cause inflammation.

Shortly, to remove such foods from the diet is good and also A MUST to reduce inflammations. Choose a diet that doesn’t have these foods and follow it at least 90 days.

Reason 5. Autoimmune problems are complex and need special treatments.

Starting from chronic fatigue, lack mental focus, weight gain, depression, hair loss, foggy brain to an emotional rollercoaster of too much doctors and no certain diagnosis – it is clear that a good approach is needed.

This treatment involves 6 steps!

  1. Good diet made especially for the individual to keep care of the adrenals and focus on nutrient deficiency while it reduces inflammation and autoimmunity
  2. Focusing on gut health and (im)balances since they can accelerate inflammation and reduce nutrient absorption.
  3. Focus on adrenals too by means of adaptogens or glandular.
  4. Replenish nutrients like Iron, B12, Selenium, Zinc, Iodine and vitamin D3
  5. Find the right meds
  6. Eliminate toxins that disrupt hormonal balance or organ health

Source and image source: besthealthyguide.com