This Is The Best Method To Eliminate All Toxins From The Body In Just 3 Days, Plus It Prevents Appearance of Cancer, It Cleans The Lungs, Eliminates Fat and Excess Water!

What is the best way to eliminate all toxins from the body within 3 days: The following method stops cancer, clean lungs, eliminates fat and excess water!

Artificial food is not healthy at all, plus causes harm to our health. It is very difficult to stop eating these type of food and completely avoid it. However with this treatment that lasts 3 days, you will be able to clean and detoxify the body. Plus you will start using different type of diet and your wish for eating these type of food will be lowered.

– You have to stop eating these type of products, 2 days before you begin with this process. The main reason for that is that these type of food is slowly digested which may forbid the process of cleaning the body. So, the body is essential to be liberated from all toxins that dairy products provoke, before you begin the process of cleaning the lungs.

– Then, you will drink 1 cup of herbal laxative tea, the night before you begin with this treatment. In this way your intestines will be detoxified from all the toxins which are the real reason for appearance of constipation. Remember that the lungs should never be overcharged.

Following morning

  • In the following morning, take 2 whole lemons, plus half cup of water and prepare a lemonade. Before having breakfast you will consume this beverage. You should be aware that this is useful in digestion of strong alkaline food, plus your lungs will be able to regenerate.
  • Next, you can consume 1 and 1/2 cup of juice made of grapefruit. Also in the morning before you eat breakfast. If you don’t like this type of juice you may use pineapple juice or there is an option for you to dilute it using fresh water. Juices like these ones are full with antioxidants, plus they take care of the health of the respiratory system.

Between breakfast

  • Then, between breakfast and lunch consume 1 to 1.5 of clean juice made of carrots. This is going to help you in alkalizing the blood during the treatment. The carrots have positive effects on the respiratory tract, because they are full with beta-carotene that is transformed in vitamin A when in the body.
  • After that, you can make a juice full with potassium. You will make a mixture by squashing carrots, parsley, celery and spinach, these are known under the name sea greens. During lunch consume 1.5 cups of juice made of potassium. The potassium is an extremely strong antioxidant mostly when it is used as a liquid. You can change this juice and use instead a clean Noni juice with one cup of water and you can make a mixture of them if you want.

The evening

  • During the evening an hour before your dinner drink a cup of mucus tea which is used for cleaning. This tea is full with peppermint, rose hips and ginger. It is the perfect solution to fight against the gathered mucus, stuffy nose, plus including congestion..
  • For the finish line before going to sleep, consume 340ml clean juice made of cranberry. It is very good and useful to fight bacteria in the lungs because they provoke infection. The cranberries are a powerful antioxidants, plus they are in an amazing way effective and full with benefits for blood and urine.

As we said the treatment lasts 3 days and its process is the same.

You will be very satisfied and also surprised by the results which you will get. Because the body will be completely detoxified and clean of toxins, fat and water. Plus the lungs will be very clean as well.

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