Wrapped Ginger It Is Used As A Cure For Bad Cough And Eliminates Mucus From The Lungs In Just One Night, It Is Excellent For Kids! The Following Are Recipes For Every Occasion!

Coughs and colds happen very often and attack both grown people and kids. However they are not dangerous at all, but still they irritate people in general because in that situation they have a difficult time to concentrate, plus it leaves them sleepless.

During the day it is easier to cope with coughs and colds, however the real problem occurs during the night. Kids are more vulnerable and the main reason why it is like that is because kids immune system is more fragile.

The cough syrup is useful for just restraining the pathway of signals in the brain which provokes the coughs. Codeine and dextromethorphan are usually found in the cough syrups, with this syrup you will be able get some sleep a lot easier, however this has its negative effects as well such as: drowsiness, headaches, and tachycardia.

Here we will show you and give you the recipe for a medicine which you can prepare at your home, plus it is very easy to prepare it.

Honey Ginger wraps

Honey is very useful for a big number of home medicines, such as treatments to make your skin dry and for detoxification in general. For this medicine you will need honey, which is the main element. Honey is good due to its capability to remove mucus from the lungs. It is perfectly good for every person of every age to use it, because it has a lot of natural ingredients.

How to prepare it:

It is a very easy process of preparation. And I bet you have all the ingredients you need at your home.

  • – Honey
  • – Coconut oil
  • – Napkin
  • – Gauze
  • – Flour
  • – Bandage


  1. Take one clean bowl, then mix the honey and the flour in it. Mix it until you have a paste – such as mixture. Then, stir it but be careful not to touch mixture with your fingers. Spray a little drops of coconut oil. Put the fresh juice made of ginger into the paste made of honey and roll the mixture made of honey in flour.
  2. Wrap the mixture into a napkin with a gauze.
  3. Put the wrap on the back or chest and use a bandage to secure it. Then, get into your pajamas and you are ready for bed.
  4. However, remember that if this is used on kids you should put the wrap on their chest approximately 2 to 3 hours before they go to sleep, and after that take it off.

It is perfectly good for grown ups to use it even when they are asleep. You should be aware that this treatment may provoke a lot of sweat. You should not worry, because this treatment for alleviating the coughs is very good, it has no negative effects. However pay attention when kids are using it for the sole reason that their skin is very soft still and if it stays a longer period of time on their skin it can provoke them some side effects.

In traditional medicine ginger and honey are very popular for this kind of treatments. It alleviates sore throat, plus relieves chest congestion.

Source and image source: healthyfoodhouse.com