Natural Powerful Antibiotic Eliminates All Infections From The Bladder And Kidney, Immediately After You Use It For The First Time

Urinary Tract Infections or also known under the name UTIs it is a very unpleasant and repeated infection. Now, we will show you the following natural antibiotic, which is very powerful when it comes to eliminating the UTI signs and inflammations.

Maybe it will sound unbelievable to you all, half of the women across the world in some period of their life suffer from UTIs infections, that is the reason for the huge number of eight millions doctors’ visits per year. Women are bound to suffer from to UTIs more than men are, the reason for that is the shorter urethra. Furthermore, grown up men are having increased bacteria inhibitors which are added directly in the urinary system because of the prostate glands.

The signs of UTIs:

  • When you are urinating you are feeling like something is burning you
  • The constant urge to pee
  • The look of the urine is cloudy
  • An often pass of small urine amounts
  • The urine smell is extremely strong
  • When the urine is having red, cola or bright pink color
  • When women suffer from pelvic pain
  • When men suffer from rectal pain
  • Natural Antibiotic

The necessary ingredients:

  • 1 dl of olive oil
  • 125 gr of raw honey
  • 125 gr of lemon peel
  • 135 gr of parsley root

How to prepare it:

First of all take the parsley root and chop it, next take some coffee grinder or blender and blend it very good. Afterwards, put the peel of the lemon and the olive oil. You will blend one more time. At the end put some raw honey and of course use the blender until dissolving. Take one plastic or if you want wooden, maybe even a ceramic bowl and place the mixture in it and put it in the fridge and let it remain like that for a couple of hours. You will consume every morning a half teaspoon from the mixture.

Some additional tips:

Be aware of the fact that the lemon and the honey you will use have to be organic and liberated of pesticide. If they are not the effects of the mixture won’t be complete. Be careful and don’t use caffeine and do not consume chocolate for the sole reason that they are because they are stimulating the appearance of bacteria in the infections, as well as they are slowing down the process of healing.

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