A Girl Started Rubbing Turmeric Onto Her Face, The Results She Got Are Amazing!

Turmeric is an extremely strong spice that comes from India, which a lot of people are using across the world usually comes as a powder.

It’s color is dark yellow with a very well defined taste. The production process is consisted of picking, bubbling and drying the roots of the turmeric plants in ovens that are very hot, after that they are squashed and are being turned in a powder.

It is mostly used in cooking, however its usage is as well as dyeing, because of its powerful  coloring characteristics It has very special characteristics, it is used as an ingredient in the preparation of  a lot of homemade treatments and medicines.

The treatment where turmeric is being used it will be presented today to you. It will give you a huge number of inexplicable benefits and effects. This mask it is used for situations like dark spots or circles under the eyes, acne, lines on the face eczema, redness, inflammation, not wanted hair on the face.

This home treatment is capable of giving you several positive effects.

In general this is used to make the skin lighter, to lower pores, clears up acne and eczema, and alleviates redness and inflammation.

Furthermore, it lowers undesired facial hair, removes the unappealing dark spots and circles under the eyes. This turmeric face mask is a strong anti-aging agent at the same time, plus it is used in eliminating wrinkles with success, because your skin will be soft and smooth.

Moreover, it is an inexpensive mask, because everything in it is natural, and the ingredients are very easy to find.

The recipe for the turmeric face mask:

We mentioned previously that turmeric is a very powerful coloring spice. Also be aware in wearing old clothes every time you use it and as well as you should protect your furniture together with the clothes. Besides these tips you can put gloves as well in order to protect your fingernails and skin in turning yellow.

The following are the ingredients you need:

  • a small container
  • flour 2 large spoons
  • 1 teaspoon of turmeric
  • 1 tablespoon of almond oil
  • Whole milk 3 or 4 large spoons

How to prepare it:

  1. Take a container and make a mixture of 1 teaspoon of turmeric with 2 large spoons of flour.
  2. First, you will need to put almond oil and milk. This is an adequate amount in order to get a paste. A paste which is not thin or fluid.
  3. With an electric mixing machine you will blend all the ingredients until you get a homogeneous mixture.
  4. When you reach that point you will have the turmeric mask ready to use it!

How to use it:

The eyelashes, hair line and eyebrows have to be under protection.

The mask is used for eliminating facial hair with all the other stuff which is the main reason why they have to be under protection. But feel free to put it under the eyes.

When you apply it the mask should remain like that on your face for approximately 20 minutes, then you will use lukewarm water to clean it off. At the end you will pat- dry your face.

Please note, that there is a possibility for your skin to be a bit yellowish when you take off the mask, however just wash your face with water again. Next, you may put a gentle cleanser for the face. And you can end the treatment with a light face lotion.

How to use it video:

This treatment should be used at least once a week. The results that you get will be a huge surprise!

Source: thebesthealthyhabits.com