BREAKING: Women! The Following Are 7 Signs Of Cervical Cancer That You Must Pay Attention To!

BREAKING: These are the 7 signs of cervical cancer that women must be careful and notice them always!

The real reason of why people suffer from cervical cancer is usually HPV or the human papillomavirus. This virus is extremely dangerous, something similar to sexually transmitted infection, plus it appears in various shapes and types however just few of them provoke the appearance of cervical cancer.

It is very well known the fact that cervical or also called cervix cancer is mortal, the statistics regarding this type of cancer are scary, but no matter what the cervical cancer can be stopped and cured if it is discovered in the early stages.

That is the main reason why people should pay more attention and try to discover and notice some of the signs because they are not so easily noticeable and evident, however there are some ways how to detect them.

Contact your gynecologist immediately if you see some of the following symptoms:

Pain or bleeding

On the cervix wall appear the cervical cancer cells and when that happens the cells explode in a sort of way and that is the real reason for the appearance of bleeding and pain. So, here is the truth of why women suffer from rectal or bladder bleeding. Well, this is it, if you see some bleedings when you are not in your menstrual period you have to make an even deeper investigation.


The gynecologist Rosa Maria Leme says that, “If you notice little lumps no matter whether they are external or internal they represent symptoms similar to a red flag when several health issues  come in question, issues regarding the HPV. So, this means that the possibility for women suffering from cervical cancer even bigger.”

Unusual discharge

There is a possibility of appearance of a watery discharge regarding the fact that when the cancer cells begin with their growth in the cervix, all of that will provoke for the cells of the uterine to begin getting out.


If you feel tired, even though the way of your eating habits is the same or if there is a situation when your heart starts speeding up after you finish your normal practice, then there are probably signs of appearance of anemia. The usual symptoms that provoke this is the enormous bleeding and most of the time it follows the cervical cancer.

Losing weight

Most of the cancers repress and reduce the appetite due to the fact that the cervix is swelled and constricts the belly. Which results with reduced appetite and of course weight loss appears.

Urinary problems

The kidneys and the bladder are probably suppressing when the cervix is swelling. And this is the result for the restrain in the urine passage. Considering this fact the patients don’t have the ability to set free the bladder. Which is the main reason for the pain and/or infection that appear at the urinary tract.

Every day pain in the back, hips, and legs

This situation restrains the internal organs. The blood vessels are possible to be restrained. And this is the reason what makes them difficult get to the pelvis and legs which is the reason for the appearance of the following pain and swelling on both the ankles and legs.

However, we have to say that these signs do not necessarily mean that you have cancer. That decision and results are up to the doctors to find out and decide whether is cancer or not. There are a lot of risks when it comes to the appearance of HPV. And both women and men can suffer from it as well. The following are the risk factors:

Smoking or breathing in second-hand smoke

Low immunity

Multiple sex partners

Unprotected sex

Sexual transmitted infections or STI most of the time are the real reason for the appearance of cervical cancer. That is why it is essential to be careful and notice the signs and symptoms of HPV. It is necessary to make preventive exams like pap smear  which are able to help you discover cervical cancer earlier.

You have to make pap smears every year.

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