This Vitamin Deficit Is Normal And Also Makes Pain In The Back And Joints

Did you ever wake up with aching joints and swellings during the day? Most of the people think this pain is due to aging, but also it could be vitamin deficit.

The back and joint pain can be frustrating and be negative for every daily activity. Still, try to be active instead of focusing on the pain. Learn more about vitamins and deficits and how that affects joint pain.

This is basically the vitamin deficit that causes you pain

This pain types come with age naturally, also due to jobs, activity levels and weight too. The diet is really crucial here. According to some studies, joint pain is linked to deficit of vitamin D.

Researchers shown this deficit can last prolonged and become worse by the day. If untreated it can lead to bone problems and arthritis.

Do you need more vitamin D?

Like any vitamin deficit, the vitamin D deficit has its own symptoms. They are:

  • Burning sensation in feet
  • Bad balance
  • Bad sleep quality
  • Leg pains

There is one test way to check if you need vitamin D. Just press on the chest bone and notice if there is some pain there. If yes, then you need more vitamin D.

How to get more of this vitamin?

It is a fact that the sun is the best source for vitamin D and with just 10 minutes under the sun rays you get enough D. if you live in regions where there is winter all the time, you might have more problems for this vitamin.

To add, vitamin D is in many foods too, tuna, eggs, mackerel or mushrooms.

Benefit of taking supplements

Supplements are also a good choice for this vitamin, since not enough vitamin D, from any form regardless, can have side effects. Another good thing about pills is that they give you the exact amount for the daily needs with a normal diet.

But, when we talk about supplements, we need to mention you should always go for the vitamin D pills that have D3, NOT D2. The D3 is made from our body naturally and is good in combination with the sun, so it is superior to the D2.

Also, Pro D3 is a good supplement example, it has 5000 IU vitamin D and is easily digested.

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