Remove Ear Infection Naturally In 1 Day Only!

Children mostly get these infections suddenly, but adults have them longer while as chronic.

They are common but still people would rather get antibiotics than something else. This causes antibiotic resistance as to World Health Organization and it is a big concern. Turn to traditional methods instead.

What is ear infection?

Everyone can get this middle ear infection (acute otitis media) and children of 10 are 75% of cases.

Usually it is viral, bacterial or fungal and it occurs in the middle ear space of air, behind the ear drum that has all the small vibrating ear bones.

For children, this goes hand in hand with cold, sore throat or upper tract respiratory infection.

The ears and throat are linked with Eustachian tubes. A cold makes these tubes to swell and be blocked. Then they keep fluid trapped inside and germs grow here to make an infection.

Ear infection symptoms

Mild pain in the ear


Loss of hearing

Fussy infants

Ear pus


Diarrhea and puking (infants)

If it’s untreated can become chronic or recur again and even cause hear loss. See a doctor right away and opt for natural cures.

How to treat it naturally

These infections go away after 5 days maximum and don’t need special cure.

Due to that, managing the pain and seeing the problem is step no.1.

If the ear feels plugged, don’t try these methods and see a doctor right away since the eardrum might be perforated/damaged.

  1. Garlic- by tradition garlic resolves viral, bacterial and fungal infections. Also it boosts immunity and reduces inflammation from flu or cold.

How to use it? Take 2-3 cloves to boil for 5 minutes. Then crush them and put salt. Place this in clean cloth and on the ear.

To get good results, eat 2-3 cloves raw garlic.

  1. ACV- this vinegar works perfectly for fungus ear issues. Actually, professionals have proved diluted ACV to be great for external use of the middle and internal ear also.

How to use it? Mix the ACV with equal part water. Soak cotton in this and put it on the ear for few minutes. Lay down against a pillow with towel over it and the solution will emerge. Dry gently inside the ear because bacteria will appear only in moisture places.

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