Can Toes Say Something About The Personality?

We all heard of the saying that the eyes are soul mirrors but to know more of someone, just look at his fingers and feet (toes shape).

To determine personality based on feet look originates from China and India and it was a practice for centuries back, they believed the feet contain the soul.

The toes shape is the personality of a man. See examples below.

  1. This one is a strong character and this person is smart and creative even in stress. Still, he is insecure and can stop working half way.
  2. These people have energy and potential. They believe their opinions.
  3. A born leader. One goal in mind – career success. One obstacle – perfectionists! Another thing, in Indian legends a mother won’t give the daughter permission to marry if the 2nd finger on his foot is longer than the other. That meant demand and command.
  4. These people love family and friends. They can listen a lot and show empathy. They also show too much feelings, which is not good for them.
  5. A lot of ambition, but never too much responsibility. This person is funny, energetic but also naïve. Childlike.