Start Consuming These 6 Foods And Kill Cancer Cells

Did you know how some foods and drinks can kill cancer? This is a valid info from researchers that involved 7 foods and drinks as healthy ones for fight against cancer.

These food items starve the cancer cells and prevent tumor from happening too. Some of the foods and drinks are even your favorites!

Yes, we will talk about red wine, tomatoes, curry, blueberries, green tea and black chocolate. Some experts even say they are all better than chemo maybe.

Angiogenesis is the process of making blood vessels in our body. This process alters regarding some age periods, like for example with newborns. But also, this doesn’t happen frequently again in life, maybe just when tissues and capillaries of wounds are restored or healing.

The activators role and inhibitors molecules’ is regulating this whole activity. Usually, more important are the inhibitors but also the angiogenesis activators are needed to promote better vascular cell growth for new blood vessels.

These 7 food items improve blood flow to the tumor areas and they are anti-angiogenesis in nature.

So, they require more blood vessels to get and supply nutrients and spread in the body. So, they grow in sync with tumor angiogenesis.

The full stage cancer releases angiogenesis molecules that cause a cheating, they make new blood vessels that bring oxygen to tumors. The angiogenesis inhibitors are like drugs that are amazing and not severe as chemotherapy; this is due to not attacking cancer cells but instead preventing blood vessels forming around tumors.

To eat these foods is crucial to regulate this whole issue and the angiogenesis too. If you do this you can prevent growth of little tumors.

These foods inhibit the angiogenesis process:

  1. Tomatoes– the favorite food of everyone. As to Harvard studies, people that ate cooked tomato and tomato sauce more than 4 times monthly, had 50% less chances of prostate cancer. This is because tomatoes have a lot of lycopene. Lycopene is a substance that dissolves fat (anti-angiogenic) and Is going easily through the digestive tract.

When some foods have lycopene and are processed under temperature and with oil plus, they increase lycopene and vitamin C content too.

  1. Green tea and coffee– these are really good antioxidants and better than chemo
  2. Dark chocolate– this is healthy for the heart and also fights against certain cells. Also it is good for the mood.
  3. Turmeric– improves the health and melts the fat
  4. Red wine– red wine is good because of the ingredient Resveratrol. The grapes’ skin has antioxidants. It reduces heart problem chances and prolongs life.

Experts confirmed how the resveratrol removes bacteria, fungi, viruses, prolongs animals’ life, gives energy to cells, controls diabetes, removes free radicals, stops cell damage from radiation, improves heart work and gives focus.

In 225 ml red wine you have 640 mcg resveratrol, this ingredient also comes in supplements of dosage 200-600 mcg daily.

Pinot Noir or Bordeaux are the best polyphenol sources.

Blueberries and raspberries– they have phytochemicals that fight cancers, and they are like the grapes, reduce oxidation stress and prevent angiogenesis.

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