Forget Those Silicones – These Plants Promote Breast Growth

Lately, plastic surgeries became very fashionable and demanded by people. But, before you choose this, examine all other natural options that are healthy and promote breast growth. The solution might be in some weird plants lists that are proven to be of benefit for this.

The first is Greek and called fenugreek.

This plant is found in many organic and herbal pharmacies. It should be soaked in water during the night and the next day use the water to massage the breasts.

Greater burdock is also known to be really healthy and be good for breasts and reproduction organs. It promotes more blood flow towards breasts.

When we talk about troubled babies, for making tea, fennel is really popular to calm down someone. But, since it has anethole, dianethole and photoanethole it produces more estrogen in the body. Also, it contains phytoestrogens and these make more milk in nursing mothers and enlarges breasts.

Licorice is the same in content and it is just as good as the fennel is.

Anis is another herb, Chinese, and usually used for seasoning, still it affects breast size, so use it more.

The last one is Pueraria Mirifica from Thailand. A lot of wrinkle creams contain this plant and pills for breast growth have it too.

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