Weird 5 Symptoms Of Breast Cancer That Are Often Ignored!

Usually, this is the most commonly developed cancer in females. It is thought that 246,660 females get it every year in USA ONLY and maybe 40,450 die of that.

By statistics, 1 in 8 women will show some cancer signs in her life. This number is really scary and women should know more about prevention than ever. Then when they see it, they should treat it ASAP and continue to follow the signs.

Recognize some of these symptoms, maybe they will save a life:

Strange back pain

This issue is an early symptom for breast cancer, but this is tricky to pinpoint exactly. Almost everyone has back pain, or at least 8 out of 10 people.

But, if you feel strange pressure in the ribs or spine, or only the upper back see if it feels like is coming from INSIDE the bones. This could mean there is a tumor that spread in the spine.

Course coughs and hoarseness

First stage of cancer is when it spreads in one tiny area. So, some cells of cancer can distance themselves and attach to some other area to make another cancer, or second stage cancer.

The cough and hoarseness that won’t end mean cancer spreading in lungs! This occurs with 60-70% of females that get the last stages of this cancer. Most of the time, this causes short breath and dry coughs.

Changes mole/new mole

Yes, moles are the first obvious link to skin cancer, but they also could be linked to breast cancer as well. A study involving 89,902 women between 40-65 years old examined them for 18 years. The outcome was documented regarding quantity of moles. During this process, 5,956 women got breast cancer, sadly. The researchers discovered that women with the most moles had higher cancer risks by 13%. So, keep an eye on every skin spot and mole.


This sign is also not so much obvious but pay attention to it. By diagnosis it is not so easily pinpointed and the cure is not sleeping extra hours. For this fatigue type is normal to have depression-like sleeping disturbed patterns or some pain. Researchers said this is a result of chemical imbalance from cancer.

Changed bladder issues and bowels

This cancer also makes changes in these sections. It dries out the urethra, bladder is loosely controlled and this is known as incontinence.

If you feel sharp sudden need to urinate, or urinate way longer than normal, leakage of urine during laughing/sneezing/coughing are all strange symptoms to check.

If you notice some of these signs, contact a doctor ASAP!