Stop Consuming These Foods That Cause Cancer!

We all know that we need a healthy lifestyle and the benefits will be amazing. This is a great challenge in modern time with all sorts of fast food, cancer foods, etc., all these have cancer agents that according to official data, cause cancer in 1.5 million people in a year.

Here you can read more about cancer causing foods and how to avoid them:

Canned tomatoes

In canned foods there is an ingredient chemical called Bisphenol A or BPA and it is on the lining of such foods. This is dangerous because it has high acidity and causes the BPA to leek from the cans to the food. Opt for glass bottles and jars and crisp tomatoes as well.

Farmed salmon

You probably didn’t expect salmon to be here, but this is FARMED salmon. The wild one is the healthiest food there is. But here is a fact; above 60% of salmon fish in USA is farmed.

The big problem is that for farmed salmon ingredients are used to make it bring profit more; pesticides, chemicals, antibiotics, and agents. Also, these fish eat bad food. Avoid the farmed one and buy canned or the one labeled sockeye salmon.

Soda pop

Those that sip more than one soda daily, have big chances of stroke compared to those that never drink sodas. This is as to studies published in American Journal of Nutrition. Sodas are loaded with sugar and have a ton of calories that make you gain weight.

Processed meat

These meats have a bunch of additives and also chemicals, so mixed with sodium nitrate they appear good in color, fresh and tasty but they are a danger in a package.

The meat absorbs tar from the smoking process, and this thing makes these meats be so unhealthy.

The tar is the same poisonous ingredient as in cigarettes.

Microwave popcorn

In popcorn of this kind, the harmful ingredient is called Propyl gallate. This causes skin rashes and stomach issues, just like the soybean oil a GMO oil, among other additives. Companies that make such products deny using GMO corn kernels, but the administration sector says they are not obliged to. Still, even though they don’t admit, for sure they don’t use organic corn!

Salty, pickled and smoked foods

Such foods have a bunch preservatives and because of nitrites and nitrates. Cured foods by nitrites/nitrates are the same as those with preservatives and colors added, as in meat. Nitrites never cause malignancy, but sometimes these chemicals can change inside the body to N-nitroso, which, yes, causes cancer.

Smoked foods like meat or nuts, make such good food items be unhealthy and you ingest more tar than nutrients. Tar causes cancer for sure. Meats on the other hand that are the most loaded with salt and fats are bacon, bologna, sausage and salami.

These foods increase the chance of colorectal cancer and chances of cancer in the stomach. For the stomach it is more often and prominent in certain regions like Japan, their diets have excessively smoked and salty foods.


The genetically modified foods are obviously artificial and unhealthy

Potato chips

These chips are done with many additives and colorings like artificial flavors for example and they have a ton of fat and calories. If you see someone eating chips, he eats salt and fat. Making of chips is just cooking on very high temperatures and this process makes acrylamide – an agent for cancer also found in cigarettes.

Refined sugar

The German scientist, Otto Warburg, was also Nobel laureate winner for medicine back in 1931. He found out how sugars are main causer of cancer and tumor growth and make them be bigger in size. Keep in mind, sugars refined ones, are causer no.1 for cancer!

Red meat

For a decade, it was studied how people that ate red meat a lot, or even regularly a little, let’s say regular hamburger for lunch, increases cancer death by whole 22% and for women 20%. Another different research showed how eating a normal serving of red meat made breast, colo and prostate cancer at higher risk.

The red meat is really a factor for cancer. A US study with 150,000 people involved between 50-74 years of age was made. It showed how long term red meat habits caused cancer like symptoms in the humans. On the other hand, the healthiest choice was poultry and fish.

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