Bye Cholesterol, Glucose, Triglycerides And Lipids!

Couple of years ago, I was stunned by the blood analyses of a former professor.

The analyses were shocking due to 5 factors: urea, blood glucose, cholesterol, lipids and triglycerides, they all had values above normal range. The professor said, the person with such results could be dead by now or just persistent. The surprise got bigger when the professor told me the name of this person. It was him. I just asked him: How? What now?

He smiled and showed another sheet and just said: look at this – parameters and dates compared to the values.  He smiled when he gave me the changed results and they were in the normal ranges and the blood was perfect. This change happened over a month.

Then I saw him again and asked him how was this possible? His doctor was responsible for the progress and treatment suggested by another doctor. I saw that and tried the treatment myself. I kept on doing this for a year, treating once yearly- checking the blood. If it’s not good I repeat the whole procedure. Try this!

This miracle recipe will get your blood to normal balance and give you awesome results. Do this:

For 4 weeks, buy raw pumpkin regardless whether from market or shop. Then, peel 100 g pumpkin, put in blender with water and mix. This is water pumpkin smoothie. When it is done take this 15-20 minutes on empty stomach, before breakfast meal. Do this for a whole month and every time you think the cholesterol is too high. The good part of this process is controlling the ending result, so you can compare before and after blood analysis.

Also, this cure has no side effects due to the natural ingredients. Never add sugar or other things to this smoothie! My professor is a chemical engineer and he said some things about pumpkin; he wanted to see which active ingredients are there. What he discovered was eliminators of bad LDL cholesterol through our urine. Also, this smoothie unclogged arteries and gave energy.

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