The Best 5 Workouts For Awesome Posture, Glutes And Fat Burning

If we have a sedentary lifestyle, our glutes will become atrophied. They are really crucial for the back posture, pelvis stabilization and strength in the legs.

When the glutes are strong, the whole body is strong. For sport fans out there, joggers or lifters, wit strong glutes every workout is easily performed.

Also, if the glutes are strong, the body is also strong and injuries are less likely to happen when working out.

With only 15 minutes daily and these 5 workouts few days weekly you will see results.

They make the gluteus minimus, maximus and medius muscles stronger.

Weight bridge

Lie down on the ground and bend curve the knees, feet are on the ground. Feet are also parallel with the knees and width of the hip.

Then, get a medium weight dumbbell, put it over the hips and lift from the ground.

With this you tighten the thighs, abs and glutes! For beginners, no dumbbells at first.

Then, lower the body like on the start, but hips don’t quite touch the ground. Do 3 sets with 15 minutes tops.


Lungs have a straight position and legs are apart at width of hips. With the right leg make a huge step forward of 90 degrees with the knee. Hold that for 5 seconds and go back. With the other leg- repeat. 3 sets with 10-20 reps total.

Pulsing squat

Stand straight with legs widened apart. Toes must turn to the outside. Then arms stretched out in front of you. Knees have to be straight with toes in line, back straight and do the squats. You will feel the core and glutes contract also. Stay like this in jumps, reducing and lifting up the glutes. Also, for even better outcome use dumbells. Do 3 sets and 15 reps.

Donkey kicks

Lay on the ground, stomach parallel to the ground, knees and hands are at shoulders and hips width both. Then, lift one leg toward the ceiling and above the glute buttock BUT not higher than the torso; otherwise you might be injured. The abs and glutes must be both tight as you lift the legs. Keep that for a few seconds, lower the leg down BUT DON’T touch the floor with the knee. For better resistance add straps or elastic bands or ankle weight. Again, 3 sets total of 15 minutes.

Fire hydrant

Hands and knees ON the ground, again shoulder/hip width. Lift one leg to the side, it is parallel to the ground and the knee bend to the side so that the hip opens nicely. Bring it back and try not to touch the floor. Do 3 sets of 16 reps.

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