She Fed Her Husband Coconut Oil-1 tsp For A Whole Month And Two Times A Day. Amazing Results!

More people lately in US suffer from heart problems, obesity or diabetes 2. As to studies, more than 15.000.000 people in USA would get Alzheimer’s by the time 2050. But, when you use coconut oil..

A neonatal doctor, Mary T. Newport in the last decade studied articles and all about Alzheimer’s. she found out that medium chain triglycerides MCT in coconut oil are a great cure for Alzheimer’s and slowing it down.

The usage of coconut oil

Her husband, Steve (58), had bad stages of dementia in over 5 years. The MRI stats showed how he is close to Alzheimer’s.

The husband had memory problems like difficulty finding spoons or fridge water, accompanied with depression. According to the literature for Alzheimer’s, Mary discovered the depression is a first sign for Alzheimer’s.

The disease progressed a lot and Newport wanted to try coconut oil as cure. She purchased 100% virgin coconut and gave 35 mg dosage to her husband daily. She gave him more than 2 tsp daily for a month.

The end result was amazing and she claimed the results were better after 14 days.

The husband found out that after 6 weeks of consuming the oil, he had progress.

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