Best Tea For Swellings In Ankles, Feet And Legs

Swelling feet, ankles and legs..

At some point we all had swellings in the whole legs (ankles) or hands and feet too. It is annoying and PAINFUL.

This swollen part is known as edema (retention of fluids in the organism from different factors):

  • Sitting a lot or standing a lot for too much time
  • Eating salty food like junk food
  • PMS
  • Bad blood flow
  • Pregnancy
  • Meds side effects

Often, such swollen areas are normal for people that stand or sit a lot during the day or for pregnant women too, however chronic issues without other indications is a serious problem. It is called peripheral edema and can be a symptom for more serious problems like kidney issues, liver or heart problems. If it doesn’t go away, see a doctor.

For those that have swellings rarely, there are natural herbs and cures for this and they also aid the body to remove excess water weight, such an example for a herb is parsley.

Basically, parsley comes in 2 types: curly and Italian with flat leaves and sharp structure.

We all know and seen how parsley is used for decoration in fancy meals and in every country is the same; however most of us remove the parsley to the side and eat only the main dish food.

Some studies showed consuming parsley to be a protection against diseases like digestion issues, infections, menstrual pain, asthma, hypertension, bone problems and bronchitis.

Parsley is a diuretic

This herb is a natural diuretic and it removes excess water of the body and salts tool it stimulates kidneys to work better and remove excess material from blood.

A study from 2002 from the Journal of Ethno pharmacology published that parsley since a diuretic, it triggers pumps in sodium and potassium ion and it influences the whole process of osmosis. Also, it makes more urine and urine flow.

Also, with parsley you will not have side effects like regular meds (like Furosemide), because it offers a lot of potassium, natural one, and this one doesn’t make you have low potassium in the blood and trigger complications.

Another Brazilian study published something in 2009, similar positive comments on parsley regarding hypertension and urine flow.

Tea of parsley for edema

The doctor John R. Christopher, an author and herbalist too, recommended drinking 2 quarts parsley tea (64 oz) a day for best results.

When you make this tea use only fresh leaves, roots and seeds (if you have).


Chop the leaves and roots fine and place 1 quarter parsley in an infusion bowl or basket. Then, pour boiled water and add this to a teapot.

Let it sit for 5-7 minutes and remove the basket before you strain it.

For aroma add honey, lemon or ginger.

Another thing, keep in mind to use techniques against the swellings like lifted legs on pillows, on height above the heart.

Also, workout the legs to make blood flow pump more to the heart.

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