Reduce The Amount Of Bad Cholesterol And High Blood Pressure With This Mixture!

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also known shorter as CDC pointed out that on the first place killers of, including both women and men is the heart disease. In the US on every 43 second some person dies due to the effects of this disease. The main causers of this condition are high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

If you try and lower the cholesterol and you try to retain your blood pressure normal, you will be able to reduce the chance of suffering from some heart disease something like a stroke or a heart attack. We are all very well aware that people have difficulty in changing their lifestyle for about 180 degrees and suddenly begin to keep their health safe. Well, if you decide to exercise every day, to follow a good healthy diet for your heart and actually you make the decision to keep a healthy lifestyle your possibilities of avoiding these health scares will be huge. You will have to give 100% of yourself if you want to accomplish this. You will have to commit yourself to this and act in a very disciplined way. However it doesn’t matter what it will take you it is worth it.

Also, if you take aside these tips you can read bellow about a beverage extremely helpful for keeping your blood pressure and bad cholesterol at the normal numbers. A lot of people have used it, so probably you are asking yourself what is so special about this beverage?  The ingredients that possess a number of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant characteristics are essential for this beverage.

The beverage is consisted of 5 ingredients and you can certainly find them at home right now in this particular moment. You will use a half teaspoon before your meals in small doses per day for a few number of times. And your cholesterol and blood pressure will get better.

Now is time for you to check the recipe and then we will give more profound explanation on  why and in what way this combination may help you. Furthermore, you will receive a number of helpful tips in how to maintain normal the blood pressure and cholesterol:


½ teaspoon of grated ginger

1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar

½ lemon (juice)

1 tablespoon of raw and organic honey

1 garlic clove (minced)

How to prepare it:

  1. Use a blender to make a combination of all the ingredients. Continue blending it and stop when you see that you have made smooth texture.
  2. Place the texture into a clean jar and put it into the refrigerator.

It is an easy combination to prepare it is very helpful in reducing bad cholesterol and high blood pressure. So, as mentioned previously you will consume 1 teaspoon before you eat. And you will stop consuming it when you achieve the results you desire.

Next, the garlic is needed into the combination because it is a product from the nature that can lower the cholesterol plus making the blood thinner. Like this you will be able to protect yourself from suffering a heart-attack, a stroke or to develop blood clots. Then, ginger is an amazingly good anti-inflammatory product, which makes it perfect for preventing the deposition of plaque and cholesterol into the arterial walls. Now is the turn of the honey. It is an excellent antioxidant and that is why it can reduce the cholesterol plus the blood sugar levels. It is the situation for the apple cider vinegar, it is very useful in reducing blood sugar levels and bad cholesterol.

Remember this

If you happen to hate how the mixture tastes, do not worry. It is simple you will put a little water so it can dilute the mixture and soothe the taste. Or you can just simply put the mixture into your smoothie, this seems like the best option anyway.

Then we have to mention the numerous scientifically proven things that are useful when it comes to reducing the blood pressure and cholesterol which are essential things to be familiar with. By using them together in a combination with the mixture you will achieve having a safe, healthy process of reduction of the blood pressure and cholesterol.

They are the following ones:

  1. Every day for 30 minutes and for some 5 times a day, not less you have to make aerobic exercises.
  2. You should consume a lot of vegetables and fruits.
  3. Give yourself the chance to consume a little dark chocolate from time to time.
  4. Every day drink 1 glass of red wine if you are a woman. 2 glasses of red wine every day if you are a man.
  5. Go against the stress and take your time to relax.
  6. Keep yourself away from food with saturated fats, sugar and sodium.
  7. Don’t even think about the cigarettes.

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