Eliminate Warts, Dark Spots, Blackheads And Skin Tags Quickly And Effectively With The Following Natural Remedies!

Warts and blemishes are one of the issues that almost every person has problems with. Many different things may cause them and they can be very ugly and disgusting. Well this is the perfect moment for you to find out about the best, most effective and simplest ways to destroy them without losing too much time.

Skin Tags

The skin tag usually appears because a friction from the clothing. All you have to do is to take a cotton ball and put it into apple cider vinegar and place it on the part that you feel the pain (skin tag). You will do this procedure a couple of times during the day, until the moment when they fall down, you will do this if you want to have great and fast results. Also for this treatment you can use tree oil and not the ACV. However this will last at least 10 days, which means a little bit longer.


Human Papilloma Virus also goes by the name HPV is the main thing that causes this problem. These types of warts can be destroyed in a very simple way, even though more than hundred different kinds exist. It is very simple, just use ACV, put it on the affected areas on the body and then just put tape or bandage over it. You will have to change the bandage 2 times during the day. Another tip for eliminating warts is with the help of duct tape. Just, place some of the duct tape on the parts of the body that you have warts, leave it like for 6 days, then take off the duct tape and put the parts of the body with warts into water and then simply rub it off with pumice.


You have two choices in eliminating moles. One is by simply using crushed garlic, just put it on the affected part (mole) and leave it like that for 4 hours every day. The other choice is to use ACV, even though it is not so effective like the garlic.


If you want to eliminate the blackheads from your beautiful face, then you have to take care and be assured that your pores are always clean. First of all open your pores by using steam and after that just wash your face. Next, you will put ACV (100% natural astringent) and some type of moisturizer for example, coconut oil.

Age Spots

The age spots appear mostly because you spend way too much time being exposed on the sun. Lemon serves as bleaching agent because it is a very strong fruit. In that case just put some lemon juice to the skin, so you can make lighter the dark spots. After the procedure apply a lot of sunscreen.

Enjoy your day and also savor your beauty like never before!

Source and Image Source: losingweightdone.com