10 Easy And Very Simple Tricks To Burn Fat Naturally (And Without Exercise!)

Losing weight is definitely one of the biggest goals for every person. The main reason for that is because people don’t have too much time nowadays in order to keep themselves healthy and to take care of their weight. Too much stress, bad eating habits, binging, not practicing enough, a lifestyle consisted mostly of sitting. These are the things that produce gaining of the weight. The process of gaining weight goes step by step. So usually we don’t bother to keep enough attention. And when we became aware of our situation it is very late, because by that moment we will have gained a huge amount of  kilos.

We are aware that many people don’t have enough time to put the necessary effort that is required for keeping healthy life and we suppose that all of you are looking for some shortcuts when it comes to losing weight. Well, let’s be honest, sometimes we all have the necessity of having shortcuts no matter what it is about, is that right? Plus, for people who can’t afford time at all, who are constantly busy these shortcuts for losing weight are simply the best. Here we will   give you some tips and advices of losing weight, things that you can use every single day in order to eliminate the few extra kilos and have the shape you always wanted.


Drinking alcohol is one of  those habits. A very frequent habit used my many people when they want forget about their problems and relax. But, everyone seems to forget that they are full calories! Drinking alcohol frequently causes an enormous weight gain. Cause people love making combinations between soft drinks and fast food. Make an effort and cut back the usage of alcohol as much as you can and the results will be noticeable immediately in your weight. Your body will be detoxified very good, plus you will began to lower you fat. The thing that we are asking you to do is to simply reduce the amount of alcohol you put in, we are not saying that you should stop drinking forever, just use as little as you can.


Stop eating food after 9 PM and you have done the best thing in stopping the weight gain. . Probably you are wondering what is the logic behind this, correct? Eating after 9 PM mostly brings increasing the calories in your body because you have already eaten so much during the day. Usually people consume food at this period because they are bored or they are stressed. And not because they are hungry. Well these kinds of snacks mostly are placed as fats and produce for the weight to gain. But, just follow the 9 PM rule as it is, and very soon you will notice changes in your weight, plus you are definitely get used to this type of


Everybody every day says this, and the reason is that it helps very much and on many levels. Water will keep you hydrated and will increase the quality of the skin. Also it is like a miracle when it comes to losing weight. It eliminates toxins from the body, improves the metabolism, and as we said it helps in the process of losing weight. Furthermore, it’s the best beverage to indicate the difference between real hunger and hunger when people are bored. With the simple act of drinking a glass of water when you feel hunger it is very helpful for you to find out whether your are feeling the necessity of consuming food. Also, it happens a lot when our body mistakes dehydration for hunger. So, from this we can conclude that consuming water is the an excellent way to reset your appetite. Eight glasses of water every day is what is recommended if you want to have good results.


Never, take out from your body the time of sleep and rest. If you don’t provide your body enough sleep and rest, it will become stressed. So the stress that you are feeling as a reason of not sleeping enough will affect your hormones that are related to hunger. There is a particular level of hormone that reduces because of the stress. And is directly connected with the process of   weight gain. If you want to keep these hormone levels well-balanced, sleep six to eight hours every day. Plus in that way you will take care of your appetite as well.


What we recommend you is to exercise for short period of time with breaks to recover in between the sessions. We are not asking you to spend 2 hours in the gym to work out every day. This will improve your level of metabolism. Which is directly connected to the process of eliminating calorie. If you have higher metabolism rate that just means that many more calories burn. And all of that will bring you to the process of weight loss. When you decide to start the High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) program, your body will continue losing weight. Even when you are finished with your practice, how cool is that? So, the best thing to do is to use  15 to 20 minutes in your everyday routine for exercising. And in that way accelerate the process of weight loss.


We are not talking about high calorie latte with whipped cream. All we want to do is to explain you that when we talk about coffee we talk about plain and simple coffee. The caffeine in the coffee intensifies the release of fatty acids in your bloodstream. And all of this will produce the necessary energy to exercise for a longer period of time and with more power. Plus, it will help you to repress your appetite. So it is good for both ways!


When you start you day it is good to put some extra protein. Because it will help you prevent your brain off thinking about the snacks as the day goes by. Also, it will be good if you consume yoghurt during your breakfast in order to lower those hunger pangs.


You are supposed to lose more weight if you keep a list a record of every thing that you are eating during the day. A study has presented that those people who decided to do this lost more weight in contrary to those who didn’t.


When you wake up in the morning open your curtains so you can feel the sun. The sunshine in morning makes you more energized, plus it also produces a lower body mass index (BMI) to people who received their daily dose of sunshine opposed to those who didn’t.


Most of the time we try to end up enjoying in our unhealthy snacking when we are working. To forbid this always take with yourself an apple or take a package of almonds. So, that you can eat these to lower your necessity to snack junk food filled with calories.

So, these were ten of the best and most effective shortcuts that will help you to lose weight. No matter what, you must be aware of the fact that there is no such thing that will make you lose weight if you are having an unhealthy lifestyle. Therefore, try to consume healthy food. Always tend in keeping a healthy lifestyle and you are definitely going to eliminate those few extra kilos  in no time.

Source and Image Source: healthyfoodheadlines.com