Yes, You Are Told That Coconut Oil Is Good But Something Is Hidden From You!

Lately, there are all kinds of coconut products on the market, oil, soya, water, butter, flour, cream and milk, sauce and even shreds. Coconut is popularized by far and all the options with it are limitless.

We all know that it is tasty and the smell is really nice, but coconut is popular for other reasons too. Scientist even limited the reasons to 127!

The coconut tree is called also tree of life in Southeastern Asia, Philippines and other tropical regions in the world. Today, even more than 1500 studies showed how coconut oil is beneficial.

This oil, also known as C. Nucifera is of the palmae family Aercaceae, and this is a branch of the subtype Cocoideae. The coconut flesh is full of healthy fat acids and the fat content alters due to processing and types.

When we discuss medium chain saturated fat acids that is equal to 90% of the content, but also this goes for a small serving polyunsaturated and mono-unsaturated fats.

The best part is that the medium chain fat acids MCFAs absorb easily in our system and are digested properly; their movement is free in the blood flow barriers in unbound shape, this is basically better neurological process overall and a lot of energy for us.

Keep in mind, the unrefined or virgin coconut oil is healthy and not expensive, and is natural.

Virgin coconut oil

  • Non toxic
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-carcinogenic (stops spreading of cancer and improves immunity)
  • Antioxidant (stops forming of free radicals and such damage)
  • Increases absorption to nutrients (easily digested, fat based vitamin creation – Vitamin K, E, D, A)
  • Anti-microbial (fights infections, viruses, bacteria, yeast, parasites and protozoa)

Internal health complications

The coconut is really healthy for us and helps us, like this:

  1. Depression and cognitive issues- consume the oil with fish oil
  2. Bowels and gut infections, constipation, or inflammatory bowel disease
  3. Cancer- studies stated how this oil prevents colon and breast cancer
  4. Alzheimer’s and dementia
  5. Candida
  6. Allergies, seasonal fever
  7. Cholesterol- improved HDL ratio (good cholesterol) to LDL bad cholesterol in patients with such problems
  8. pylori- consume the oil orally
  9. Epilepsy- reduces the seizures
  10. Hemorrhoids- apply the oil externally 2 times daily
  11. Irritable bowel syndrome- diarrhea and constipation are relieved
  12. Hot flashes
  13. Menstruation- stops pain, reduces blood flow and cramps too
  14. Liver disease
  15. Chronic fatigue
  16. Diabetes- the oil prevents food craving and levels blood sugar
  17. Autism
  18. Cystic fibrosis and bronchitis
  19. Asthma- adults and children
  20. Acid reflux and indigestion- consume after meals
  21. Gas- bacterial imbalance in the gut causes this. This oil with antimicrobial benefits refreshes the flora
  22. Cold and flu- since it is anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial also cures these issues
  23. Jaundice
  24. Migraine
  25. Thrush
  26. Bladder infection and urinary tract infection
  27. Thyroid problems- regulates the work of it when it is over or underactive
  28. Prostate enlargement or benign prostatic hyperplasia
  29. Stomach ulcer- soothes the belly and reduces H. pylori growth
  30. Malnutrition
  31. Pancreatitis
  32. Dry and flaky skin- not enough oil causes dryness and dandruff
  33. Bad circulation- if you are cold all the time like when you have edema, apply oil to the skin with circular movements to the heart
  34. Gallbladder issues- the regular oils increase bile and this is good for this problem
  35. Kidney stones and diseases- it dissolves the tiny stones
  36. Heart problems- protects arteries from atherosclerosis
  37. Lung problems
  38. Teeth decay and periodontal issues
  39. Mental clarity
  40. Immunity improvement

Personal hygiene and body

Remove the chemicals of the bathroom and put coconut oil instead:

  1. Body scrub- mix the oil with salts also some essential perfume oil and rub the skin. Wash off and have beautiful skin.
  2. Bruising- reduced swelling and red skin and speeding up of healing.
  3. Bug bite- better healing, reduced burning of skin and itching. Apply on the bite
  4. Burns- better healing with no scars.
  5. Swimmers ear- mix garlic and coconut oil and put few drops in each ear. Leave it for 10 minutes. Do this 3 times daily.
  6. Deodorant- use it for this purpose and mix with baking soda or cornstarch
  7. Hair mask- apply 1 tsp of the oil on the ends of hair and massage. For better results, 1 tbsp of the oil on dry scalp and hair ends and leave it overnight.
  8. Diaper salve- no chemicals to soothe rash on a bum of baby
  9. Eye cream- before bed, put some on the eyelids. To remove wrinkles or puffiness, under the eyes too.
  10. Age spots- to fade them apply directly
  11. Skin issues- relief for eczema, dermatitis or psoriasis
  12. Reduction of wrinkles- rub the oil on the saggy skin and be rejuvenated
  13. Chapstick- rub it on the lips to make them soft and give them SPF 4
  14. Aftershave- it soothes shaved skin and doesn’t clog pores
  15. Baldness- mix thyme, coconut, rosemary, lavender, cedarwood, grapeseed oil, cayenne pepper and jojoba. Before bed, apply this mix3 times daily and have regenerated cells on the massaged are
  16. Cradle cap- nurtures baby skin and removes cradle cap. Rub it on daily basis.
  17. Remover of makeup- dab oil on cotton and remove makeup while skin is softened up
  18. Stretch marks- rejuvenates damaged skin and marks on it
  19. Moisturizer- apply the oil as body milk
  20. Sun burn solution- rub some oil on the burned skin
  21. Face wash- mix coconut, almond, olive, castor and avocado oil equally and use instead of soap. Rub it, leave it shortly and wash off.
  22. Nipple cream- nourishes sores, dry nipples and cracked nipples. Apply this oil on cotton and massage
  23. Sunscreen- spf 4
  24. Pre-shave- nourishes skin before shaving
  25. Hair gel- rub it on the hands and get a comb, massage the hair and comb again.
  26. Lubricant- it is not well with latex keep in mind! But is safe, smells nice, all natural
  27. Massage oil- get coconut and rub it on the skin
  28. Healing- put it on cuts; it will give a thin protection layer against viruses, dust and bacteria. It also speeds up healing and repairs tissues
  29. Tattoo healer- this stops ink from fading and prevents infected tattoos
  30. Toothpaste- mix the oil with baking soda
  31. Acne fix- apply the oil under makeup to nurture skin. Acne skin is too dry that’s why it needs oil
  32. Genital warts- usually these warts disappear after 2 years of infecting, but with this oil they can be gone in 6 months.
  33. Dandruff- dandruff is caused by too much oil on the scalp. The coconut reduces this and leaves scalp and hair healthy

Topical health issues

  1. Pink eye- apply around the eye
  2. Ear infections- fights them, reduces pain. Put few drops coconut and garlic oil in the ear, twice daily
  3. Athlete’s foot
  4. Cellulite
  5. Decongestant- when congested during allergy or colds, rub some under the nose and on the chest
  6. Cysts/boils
  7. Reduced swelling and rash
  8. Acne
  9. Allergies- rub the oil inside the nose so the pollen clings to it
  10. Head lice
  11. Herpes
  12. Sore muscles and pain
  13. Toenail fungus
  14. Gingivitis, canker sores, gum issues – rub directly or as toothpaste
  15. Healing for circumcision
  16. Healthy gums- oil pulling is really popular
  17. Lungs- this oil increases fluidity in cells
  18. Mental cognition- the medium chain triglycerides pass through the blood flow and give energy
  19. Nausea- rub the oil on the wrist and smell
  20. Digestion- this oil has saturated fats that control the fungi and parasites which cause indigestion or IBS. The fat helps minerals to be ingested better, also amino acids and vitamins
  21. Breastfeeding- these mothers need to take 3 ½ tbsp. oil for better milk supply
  22. Insulin support- increases insulin and using of blood glucose
  23. Bones/teeth- makes you absorb magnesium and calcium better
  24. Vitamin/nutrients absorption- with this oil all the oil base vitamins are absorbed easily (D, E, K, A)
  25. Fitness- it supports thyroid health, improves metabolism, gives energy, reduces fat and keeps muscle mass
  26. Stress relief- apply the oil on the head and massage, the aroma and smell will relax you
  27. Weight loss- with the saturated fats this stops cravings
  28. Nosebleed- this oil prevents nose bleeds due to weather, cold or heat. This happens when the nasal paths are too dry so the mucus tissues can crack. Now, apply the oil in nostrils and make capillaries stronger


Also animals have benefits of the oil. The dose for pets is ¼ tsp for 10 lbs of animal weight, twi times a day. But, ask a veterinarian first.

  1. Balanced insulin and thyroid work
  2. Reduced bad breath in dogs
  3. Better coat- the coat is glossy and deodorized
  4. Prevention of diabetes
  5. Cleared up skin; itchiness, eczema, dermatitis, flea allergies
  6. Ligament soothing and arthritis
  7. Reduced allergies
  8. General cat/dog health. Add 1 tsp to the water daily
  9. Reduced cough of hairballs
  10. Fast healing in wounds
  11. Better healing- apply to wounds, hot spots, cuts, stings, bites, hair and dry skin
  12. Energy for sedentary dogs- medium chain triglycerides improve brain metabolism and reduce amyloid protein accumulation that makes lesions in old dogs
  13. Better digestion and nutrient absorbing
  14. Healing digestive tracts- colitis, or IBS
  15. Prevention of yeast and fungi or candida
  16. More energy and less weight

Additional use:

  1. Cooking
  2. Oiling wooden items and boards
  3. Goo- mix it with baking soda to make a paste and apply wherever is sticky. Leave it 1 minute and scrub off with toothbrush
  4. Soap- use instead of soap
  5. Bronze polisher- rub the oil on cotton and wipe every bronze item
  6. Repellent for insects- mix it with mint and rub on skin
  7. Furniture polish- mix the oil with lemon juice
  8. Clean leather products
  9. Season animal hides drums
  10. Remover of chewing gum in the hair- rub the oil on the hair and leave for 60 minutes. Then the gum will roll off.

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