24 Uses Of Apple Cider Vinegar!

The ACV is known for the health benefits and is considered an elixir.it is cheap, natural, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, good for immunity, metabolism too. It was used for many years back as well!

Below are some of the best 24 uses of ACV:

Speeded metabolism and weight loss

The ACV can fasten the metabolism a lot. It burns fat, reduces serving size needs and speeds up metabolism. Drink 1-2 tsp ACV in a big water glass before every meal.

Shiny hair

To remove dirt piled up on the scalp, wash once with shampoo and before the second shampooing, switch to ACV.

No dandruff

If your scalp is flakey, ACV is the cure. Mix water and ACV in equal parts and rinse the scalp for 2 hours. Apply with spritz spraying bottle to remove dandruff effectively. Do this few times a week.

Clear skin

Take a cloth and apply ACV to it (diluted), and use for the face as astringent. This way you refresh the skin pH and the face becomes smooth again. For skin spots or acne, dab ACV.

Sore throat

Mix ACV 2 tbsp in 1 cup water to make gargle solution. Do this for a sore throat every hour.

Home detox

Take 3 ½ liters water and put in that 1 cup ACV to get a cleaning liquid for surfaces in the home like tiles, wooden floors or tables.

Insect bites

For any insect bite get a 50:50 mix water and ACV to rinse directly.

Cleaning dishwashers

Instead of strong chemicals use ACV for this. It removes greasiness, build ups, and eaves it smelling fresh. Throw in there 1 cup ACV in the dishwasher and leave it.

Relieves sunburns

The ACV reduces redness and irritation from the sun – cools the skin and calms it. Make a mix of 25% ACV and 75% water. With washcloth apply to the burned skin or just add to the bath if you don’t want a washcloth.

Better mood

Use the ACV before eating to make proteins turn to amino acids through breaking down. Amino acids are responsible for making tryptophan that releases serotonin from neurotransmitters. It’ll make you relaxed again.

Heartburn and acid reflux

If you have these issues, take 1 tsp ACV to break down food in the belly and promote better digestion.

Better energy

In the ACV there are enzymes that stop fatigue. In a glass of water put 1 tsp ACV.

Clean drains

No more wasting money on chemicals. Make your own natural DIY cleanser from baking soda, ACV and salt. Take ½ cup salt, ½ baking soda and put in the drain. Then add the ACV/ the soda and vinegar together react for cleaning. After 3 hours, flush water.

No foot odors

If you have smelly feet, spray them with equal doses ACV and water. The ACV acid remove bacteria that makes feet smell. It also cures fungi.

Fabric softener

For a natural way and no side effects to clean soft clothes, AV is the answer. In the machine, add ½ cup ACV instead of chemical artificial softeners.

Better joint flexibility

ACV dissolves the body’s uric acid and this makes joints flexible. In a hot bath add 1-2 cups ACV and lie there for half an hour. Keep in mind: drink a lot of water before and after this.

Better digestion

There is pectin in ACV and this calms down spasms in intestines. Consume 1 tbsp ACV in cup of water before meals and reduce gas and bloating.

As aftershave

ACV is the best aftershave there is. It prevents shave burns and removes soreness off skin. Dilute ACV and water 50:50 and apply as regular lotion. The smell fades away, don’t worry.

Shiny windows

Don’t waste money on shop cleansers anymore, make 50:50 solution water and ACV and spray the windows. Wait until the windows are dried up and wipe them with paper towel to remove smearing.

No hiccups

One spoon ACV works the nerves in the throat and this eliminates hiccups.

Removal of warts

Dip one cotton ball in ACV and place on the wart overnight. To secure it put tape on. Repeat until is removed.


ACV can also be used like natural neutral deodorant against odors.

Bad breath removal

ACV removes bad smells as we mentioned so far. Gargle with this mix: water and diluted vinegar, a few minutes.

Less severe symptoms of gout, arthritis & tendonitis

Make a relaxing, soothing bath with ACV and remove pain. If you feel like bath soaking, remember to add ACV in the bath.

Source and Image Source: foodmatters.com