23 Fascinating Facts Regarding Left-Handed People, Particularly Pay Attention To The Last One!

Is there some particular thing to follow in order to become a left-handed person?-This question is asked very often and is extremely amusing for everyone. Medicine as science couldn’t give a specific reason for that, but in several studies it was explained that it appears because of the connection between the genes and environment.

When we talk about the genes we don’t actually mean that a specific set of genes is in existence just for lefties, what actually means is that a left-handed person has more family members who are lefties. Several researches showed a contrast in the brain wirings between righties and lefties.

Also, very important to mention is that left-handed people have to adjust constantly into the world of the right-handed people, which actually makes lefties to become more independent.

The following facts are the never heard before 23 most fascinating facts about left-handed people!

This is the time for you to learn and to understand some new, fascinating interesting facts about lefties.

  1. Just 5 to 10 percent of the people in the world are lefties.
  2. Alcoholism is a very bad and dangerous habit to have and lefties are in a three times bigger danger of becoming alcoholics.
  3. In sports like baseball, boxing, swimming, tennis and many more, left-handed people present very high quality when playing.
  4. Around 40 percent of the best tennis players in the world are left-handed.
  5. A fascinating fact is that left-handed people hit puberty much later, approximately 5 months after the regular period. Furthermore, left-handed people usually use the right side of their brain.
  6. College graduates which are left-handed have better chances in becoming very rich opposite of the right-handed people. Their possibilities of accomplishing that are around 26 %.
  7. 4 of 7 presidents have been left-handed in the United States of America.
  8. “Lyft” means something broken or weak and it has Anglo-Saxon origin. Also, the word left comes from this word.
  9. Left-handed people were seen as evil people in the past. Like people with symptoms for expressing rebellion, neurosis, like devil people, people who express bad habits, homosexuality and criminality. However, the bright side is that left-handed people were seen as people with good characteristics in expressing musical abilities and creativity.
  10. As we said before 5 to 10 percent from the world population is left-handed. However, creatures like cats, mice and rats are identically divided in the percentage when it comes to lefties and righties.
  11. 128 is the percentage that gives a chance to a woman who got pregnant in her 40s to have a left-handed baby. Opposite to a woman who got pregnant in her 20s.
  12. Another fascinating fact is that out of 4 Apollo astronauts, there has always been 1 of them who was a leftie.
  13. Lefties are better in math, spatial awareness and architecture. And righties are better when it comes to the verbal skills, shown by some researches. .
  14. Asthma and allergies are the type of diseases that can affect left-handed people more than the right-handed ones, because of a study made. That means that lefties should be very careful and protect their health.
  15. Some 30 million people of the population in America are left-handed as shown by a research once made.
  16. Left-Handers Day is the day of left-handed people, it is the day when they celebrate and proudly say that they are left-handed people. I mean how interesting is this? Their special day is on August 13th.
  17. If lefties have their dominant hand twisted, broken or some other thing happened to the hand, lefties can learn how to use their right hand in no time, because they are fast learners. They learn this even faster than the actual people whose right hand is the dominant one. A fact explained by many medical experts.
  18. Right-handed people don’t have problem with insomnia as much as left-handed people have.
  19. Dresses, tesserae decades and sweater are very long words actually they are one of the longest and that we are able to write them with the usage of our left hand only, very interesting right?
  20. In The British Royal Family there are some members who are left-handed. Like Queen Mother, Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles and Prince William.
  21. Seeing underwater is a piece of cake for lefties in contrast to the righties.
  22. Osama Bin Laden., Jack the Ripper and The Boston Strangler were famous and probably one of the most searched killers. And you know what, they were all left-handed people.
  23. Left-handers and right-handers are completely different in understanding and feeling the emotions. Lefties become distressed faster than righties. A good example to explain this is one of the biggest tennis player of all time, John McEnroe because most of the time he was getting very angry on court when playing.

Source and Image Source: healthandlovepage.com