WARNING: If You See Something Like THIS On Your Potatoes, Throw Them Immediately, It Could Save Your Life

You may consider yourself as a perfectionist, but still you will find a jar of spices or a can of food from a long time ago somewhere in the fridge or storeroom.

Sometimes, when you drink milk with an expired date, you know how awful it tastes. However, it may be awful but is not something that can affect your health to a great extent.

It is important to say that in every household, in every kitchen there are some dangerous products with expired dates from long ago, that can seriously affect your health. So, be careful when you read this and think twice before you keep something even though its date has expired.

Potatoes and dangers

Most of the people think that food like, let’s say potatoes can be great all the time. Well, you should think about that. The potatoes kept for a long period of time are the perfect place for a dangerous toxin to be released, for destructive insects to appear and all of that can affect people negatively. So, if you notice a green potato and with the characteristics mentioned above throw it away, because it may affect your whole nervous system.

What else?!

The same goes for the bread. Throw the bread away immediately if you notice mold on it. If you just take off the mold and keep eating the bread, it may provoke stomachache and more serious problems, like cancer.

Then, eating bad eggs can also provoke problems in the stomach or even salmonella can develop. It is pretty simple to find out if the eggs are bad or not, if the egg white and the yolk look like a mixture, that is your sign.

Also, products in cans, even though it is believed that they can’t become bad, that is not true. An expired date, a swollen or bent can, all these are signs that you should throw the can away. These cans provoke from time to time botulism.

When it comes to the cucumbers you can distinguish good and bad cucumbers, according to the so called “tears”. These “tears” are a chemical liquid, that make disintegration in your body and affect your intestinal lining.

Also throw away dry spices and herbs, if you notice dust on them, because they might be filled with insects.

The popcorn, granola and dry goods with bad smell definitely should be in the garbage. They can affect your stomach as well.

The drawers in the kitchen are the best place for keeping bad products. Ask yourself, how long has been since the last time you cleaned that area? So, this weekend is the right time to do it. Believe me, you will be very pleased for doing it.

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Source and Image Source: supertastyrecipes.com