If Your Child Has Fever These Are The Best Ways To Lower The Fever Without Using Any Medication

High fever is noting to be afraid of, especially if your children is completely healthy. Parents usually worry about their children when they have fever, but that just means that the organism of the child is fighting against an infection that made your child ill. With the following examples you can help your child to beat the fever in no time, especially if the fever is getting worse and worse. We all know how much fever can be uncomfortable. However, keep in mind that if the fever goes on for a couple of days you should take your child to the doctor.

The following are some natural medications made at home which can help you lower the fever in 5 minutes:

Grated potatoes

You will take the potatoes, wash them and then peel them. Next, you will make grated potatoes and will place the grated potatoes inside your children socks. All of this will make your child to feel very good, because it will reduce the fever in no time.

Brandy and water

The first step is to put in a small cup the brandy and then you will put water also in a small cup and put them into a bowl so you can dilute the brandy. Afterwards, you will take gauze and put it in the mixture so it can soak the mixture, then you will squeeze the gauze and again you will place it inside your child’s sock.

Cold washcloth on forehead

Take one clean washcloth soak it in water and place it on the forehead of your child, while he/she is sleeping or resting. It is one of the easiest and most helpful ways to reduce fever.

Give your child a lukewarm bath

Another extremely good way to reduce the fever is by giving your child a bath with lukewarm water, because the water evaporates from the skin, so in that case the body will be cooled down and the fever will be lowered. It is important to mention that you shouldn’t use cold water to give a bath to your child, because it will make the situation even worse, the body will start shivering and it will just make the body temperature to get even higher.

Your child will need plenty of fluids and chilled food

Just keep your children hydrated, make them eat and drink cold meals and drinks, so their body can reduce the temperature of the body from inside out.

You can use a fan

The fan is recommendable when used at the lowest mode, also it should not blow directly to your child, instead just leave it to go around your child.

Remove layers of clothing

Very important, when your child has fever dress him/her with less clothes. It is better if the fever goes out through the skin. However, if your child is feeling cold just cover him/her with a light blanket until it feels warm

Keep your child indoor in cool place

When sick, it is better for your child to stay at home at some cool place, but if he/she wants to go out a little bit go to some place where you can sit in shade.

Note: The most essential thing you should know is that, if your child is younger than 3 months and has a fever call the doctor. Also, if you have a baby who is 3 to 5 months old and has temperature of 101 degrees or higher definitely you should call the doctor. Then, if you have a baby who is older than 6 months and the temperature reaches 102 degrees or more again you should contact the doctor. So, these are some helpful tips for you and if you liked them use your social networks to share them with your friends and family. Thank You.

Source and Image Source: healthylifetricks.com