Brown Rice Is Better Than White Rice, Wait Till You Read This!

If we discuss unhealthy, processed food, the first thing that comes to our mind are the white products. Some of them have their contrasts, which are actually considered to be healthier. For example, there is white and brown sugar, white and brown flour, white and brown rice. Most of the brown products are seen as the healthier ones. However this is not true when it comes to the rice.


White rice is bad, on the other hand brown rice is very good for eating good. Later we will get back to the reason why this fact is wrong. But first let’s discuss why people think that brown rice is much better than white.


People don’t want to consume white rice because they consider that it will make their blood sugar levels to get higher. All of this is because of the white carbohydrate foods like white bread. These products all have big index of glycemic.

However, when it comes to the rice, the color is not the thing that determines the blood sugar-raising properties, instead the important thing is the type of rice that is consumed. For instance, it is not important what is the color of the rice basmati what is important that the rice will always have low glycemic index.

In an article published by The International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition, it was explained that a study has been made, by involving 14 people with excellent health and they were given to consume 11 different types of rice, as well as the brown and white basmati rice. After a while the participants got their levels of blood glucose levels measured in order to see in which category each type of rice belongs. Whether is medium-high index category or the low glycemic index category.

When the results of the study came out, white basmati was in the category of low glycemic index and on the other hand brown basmati rice in category of medium-high glycemic index. These results just show and confirm even more the fact that the color of the rice has nothing to do in determining its sugar-raising properties.


Phytates can be found more in the brown rice than in the white rice. This is not bad for the health of people, not at all. But still it makes it inferior to white rice.

Phytates can avoid the absorption of important food minerals, like zinc, calcium, iron. They are known under the name “anti-nutrient”. In many cases the prevention of mineral cannot make serious problems of any kind to the health. But it may provoke amount of mineral to decrease.

Many people are convinced that brown rice is better and healthier than white rice. They believe in this because the brown rice is enriched with nutrients, however this is not completely true. It is not true, because brown rice obstructs the body to absorb those nutrients.

To summarize, people have to be aware that white rice is actually better mostly because of its taste, nutrition and overall health.

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