Chinese Face Map Aan Tell You What Health Issues You Have

Our biggest organ is the skin and gives off important symptoms when something is not right. We see it mostly from the face.

As by Chinese medicine, every body part is some link to a certain organ and every imbalance is shown on the face. Signs are like change in color, pimples and rash.


Cause: a lot of fat/processed foods that slow down digestion, alcohol, sugar, lack of sleep and stress.

Cure: water, raw foods, no alcohol and sleeping.

Between eyebrows: liver

Cause: overworked stomach. Eating a lot of meat causes allergies here.

Cure: fresh and healthy food, fresh air, yoga and meditation.

Eyebrow arch: kidneys

Cause: smoking, alcohol, bad circulation, weak heart

Cure: water, no caffeine, no sugar and alcohol.

Nose: heart

Cause: closed spaces, pollution in air, gasses, bad circulation. Hypertension is also one reason.

Cure: healthy blood pressure and cholesterol. Green tea also helps and workouts too!

Upper cheeks: lungs

Cause: pollution, asthma, smoking. Also under-eyes can get dark.

Cure: away from smoke and pollution. Stop smoking and do workouts in nature.

Cheeks: lungs & kidneys

Cause: stress, smoking and bad food/sugars

Cure: healthy diet and better cosmetics

Mouth & chin: stomach

cause: fatty foods, sugar and stimulants (coffee and alcohol). This is true for seasonal food.  Also, lack of sleep is one sign.

Cure: healthy diet and a lot of fruit.

Jaw & neck: hormones

Cause: salty food, spices and lack of water, also a lot of coffee.

Cure: less salt, spices or coffee and more water.

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