Become Pregnant Easier With These Foods, Tips And Positions!

A lot of women want to get pregnant but can’t for some reason. But with these tips that process is easier.

Diet and nutrition

Our reproductive system is ready to get pregnant only when a good diet is the focus. More alkaline foods increase chances- peas, beans sprouts and milk. Also, for those that like acidic foods, you can increase acidity in uterus and cervical mucus and that is not good, because that kills the sperm so avoid alcohol and tea and even red meats.


Add some multivitamins in the diet and you can conceive easier. The supplement must have folic acid because that prevents defects in the neural tube, while pregnant this should be continued as well, because the baby needs it.

Medical control

Get checked if you want to conceive, just to be sure to prevent some problems and defects. Also, talk with the doctor if you are on some medications to be sure they are not harmful for the pregnancy.

Regular sex!

Of course the most obvious method that increases the chances. Get sex every day or every other day, not just at ovulation.

Better positions

People think any position gets you pregnant but it is different with each. Missionary is better for sperm being closer to the cervix.

Learn your cycle

Timing is crucial here. Keep track of it and your body temperature too since that is linked to ovulation days.

Make this process simpler

The vaginal area is unfriendly for sperm but there are chances for conceiving. Avoid fancy cosmetics and douches, sprays, foams for vagina, also tampons, lubes too.

No smoking, alcohol or drugs

A lot of studies confirmed how caffeine affects this process negatively, so avoid drinks and foods with caffeine. Alcohol, smoking and drugs are a big NO, they will even cause defects even if you get pregnant.

Good weight and workouts

Have a healthy weight and workout to burn extra fat and increase fertility chances. Obese women have more estrogen and that makes ovulation irregular or inexistent, but also too little weight results again in imbalanced hormones and infertility.


If you are in good mood, you enjoy the sex better and there is less stress. Stress makes ovulation stopped and it will mess your cycles up so you cannot know which days are fertile.

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