10 Food Items That Speed Up Metabolism And Make It Faster Than The Speed Of Fat Stored!

The metabolism is a word meaning chemical reactions in the body and the living cells and processes in it involved. So, a slow metabolism for example, is a weight gain trigger. Scientists said that a fast metabolism means longer losing weight and having slim figure at all times. With some ways you can boost the metabolism faster and here are listed the 10 foods that help in that:


The fat content in avocado is awesome for the body. That same fat content makes us full until we eat the next meal and gives us a lot of protein, fiber and fat. It boosts the metabolism and you can put it as spread on a sandwich, in smoothie or a salad. It is the perfect quick energy.

High fiber cereals

The cereals with great fiber content boost metabolism too. They are officially proven to be the best breakfast for people that struggle with slow metabolism. These cereals make you feel full longer, they digest slowly and give you slow burning energy. Their fibers balance the insulin levels and stop fat attaching to your body.

Jalapeno peppers

If they are too hot for you, avoid them. If you want such spices get them right away! In Jalapeno peppers there is a thing called Capsaicin that fastens the metabolism. But, the deep fried jalapenos are not as healthy for weight loss as raw peppers. Add them in some dish, or baked in oven and make a tasty spicy appetizer that is good for the heart.

Lean meats

The lean cut beef or poultry supports a metabolism. Digestion is longer for meats, so they require a lot of energy to spend it on. So this means burning fat easier and having a healthy figure too.


If you haven’t, start eating garlic now. It is aromatic, tasty and offers too many health benefits. One of them is helping in weight loss. The studies shown a link between calories burning and meals with garlic. Always keep in mind to brush the teeth and gargle with mouthwash after eating this.


These little things boost the metabolism by far! They are LOADED with low calories and many benefits. Not just metabolism boosters, they also are a great tasty thing to add in daily meals. Get those berries and enjoy their taste while your metabolism is boosted.


They have a lot of vitamin C and this helps you to process fat very fast. They are a great quick snack and really tasty too. They boost the immunity, metabolism and keep you refreshed. Eat oranges before working out and get instant energy.


This is a really tasty food everyone likes. It has healthy oils, nutrients, omega 3 fat acids and it lowers the leptin in the body. Leptin is a hormone linked to fat burning speed. Eating this fish helps in weight loss and makes hair and skin healthier.

Green tea

Do smell that? The distinct unique aroma and smell of green tea is really alluring. Some hate it, some love it, but for sure it is healthy. It was proven that it burns fat faster by increasing oxidation for whole 17%. Start the day with green tea and get energy boost.


For some it is too bitter and not tasty, but others ove it for the amazing health benefits. This fruit speeds up the metabolism and with the fibers it keeps you fuller longer. Its fruit acid breaks down fat cells faster than other foods. Eat a grapefruit for breakfast.

Source and Image Source: justnaturallyhealthy.com