Plank Challenge For 28 Days

Can you imagine transforming your body in a few minutes? Yeah, it sounds too good to be true. But, the 28 day challenge by Plank Challenge from Women Daily Magazine will show slowly great results and endurance plus strength. This is not a fast thing to do, but with time it is amazing in results.

You need more to know about this? Read more below and transform in 1 month.

The challenge

This plank challenge is done in 4 weeks. First, you start with plank position for 20 seconds and with time you increase up to 4 minutes. Read on:

Day 1-  20 sec

Day 2-20 sec

Day 3-30 sec

Day 4-30 sec

Day 5-40 sec

Day 6-rest

Day 7- 45 sec

Day 8-45 sec

Day 9-60 sec

Day 10-60 sec

Day 11-60 sec

Day 12-90 sec

Day 13-rest

Day 14-90 sec

Day 15- 90 sec

Day 16-120 sec

Day 17-120 sec

Day 18-150 sec

Day 19-rest

Day 20-150 sec

Day 21-150 sec

Day 22-180 sec

Day 23-180 sec

Day 24-210 sec

Day 25-rest

Day 26-210 sec

Day 27- 240 sec

Day 28-until you can hold it

How to plank?

To master this, just do the right position. According to Physical Living article, this is the way:

  1. The arms are crucial. Elbows are under the shoulders in parallel for good weight division.
  2. The spine must be straight. Do not round the back, this makes more pressure on the neck and back.
  3. Tighten the core – this is the main benefit of planks.
  4. Legs are a bit spread and hips a bit too. There must be no pressure in the hips! You can adjust the feet distance.
  5. Breathe slowly and feel the core tightening all over.

Why are planks good?

You wonder why this plank things is so promoted. Well it sounds to simple to work the whole body, but it does. These are the aims and benefits:

  1. Toned belly- as said, this works the stomach the most, since there is the need to stabilize the body for a plank, and the belly is the center. The abdomen muscles engage in this the most. Yes, this is just as effective as crunches.
  2. Better posture- the abs are a main role in your posture; when tight you walk straighter. You get better stability and balance. With time, you will notice sitting straight on a desk chair.
  3. Better flexibility- according to an article by, you get more flexible with planking. The shoulder blades give you a good stretch and better motion range.

Who knew? Check out the video below and learn to plank!

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