McDonald’s Finally Opened Up About Their Burger Content

McDonald’s admitted what they put in the food. We all know the rumors for their food of course. A lot of us believe that of course. Starting from pink slime, to separated meat, they have admitted what is exactly there.

To confront the critics, they made a PR campaign called Our Food Your Questions. They allowed customers to look a bit more in the ingredients for the food. The denied using pink slime, but the rest of ingredients are still bad. For example, the company admitted to using chemical things for the buns, the same ingredient in yoga mats!

You are going to be shocked to know that they even wanted to add rubber to food.

These are all variations of azodicarbonamide like some non-food items, like yoga mats! Due to that, people think the McDonalds food has inside some plastic or rubber or that is unsafe. That is not true according to them. Let’s think of salt – the salt at home for our food is almost the same as the salt for defrosting the streets. It is the same with ADA – is just used in variations.

Also, the company  said to use dimethylopolysiloxane in the food, and that is anti-foam agent in the oil for McNuggets. You will be shocked when you also see that their patties of 100% beef are not so. The brand manager claimed customers should not judge beforehand.

If you haven’t watched SuperSizeMe you cannot know a lot of harmful food.  Just do a favor to yourself, next time you crave McDonalds, think twice. You will eat whole foods instead.

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