Eat 5 Walnuts And After 4 Hours See Some Amazing Results

Everyone knows why walnuts are tasty. They are full of healthy fats and give many benefits so they are a power super food. This type of food includes almonds and pistachios too, walnuts and peanuts.

However, if you want some diet changes for better, read why walnuts are good for health.

Walnut nutrients

They contain minerals and vitamins and a handful is really more than enough until a meal is done. The best nutrients are:


Omega 3 fat acids


Vitamin E

Polyunsaturated fats

What goes on in the body after eating 5 walnuts and after 4 hours within eating them?

Eat 1 oz walnuts regularly on daily basis and you will see some of these benefits:

  • Lower stress: when we are stressed, walnuts are the perfect food for this. This is especially for those of us that physically suffer due to stress and react dynamically to stress. In fact, they calm the body’s reaction to stress so physical effects are more bearable.
  • Better heart health: since walnuts have antioxidants and fight the free radicals, they protect the heart. Regularly eating walnuts can improve the heart health.
  • Protected brain against age-related damage and degeneration: due to the omega 3 fat acids, eating walnuts on daily basis reduces chances of Alzheimer’s. also, the omega 3 fat acids are healthy because they fight cancer cells, depression and ADHD.
  • Lower cholesterol: a study publication of New England Journal of Medicine said that men eating walnuts regularly had lower bad cholesterol levels than those who didn’t. also, they had healthier hearts.
  • Weight loss: we mentioned, walnuts have polyunsaturated fats and they are vital for good body health, so that means less clogged arteries and less negative effects of saturated fats. Also, the polyunsaturated fats aid in decreasing cravings and keeping you fuller.
  • Strong hair, skin, nails: the omega 3 fat acids and polyunsaturated fats are really helpful for good appearance. These nutrients make the nails, skin and hair healthier.

It doesn’t matter which benefit you like more than the others, the walnuts must be in your reach at all times. You can benefit from them in many ways – as snack, as salad addition, in ice cream or side dish.

They are healthy, yes, but also have many calories and fat percentage – be careful not to eat too much of them, keep the amount to a handful or 1 oz.


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