Caution! You Can Predict Heart Attack Months Before It Happens! Even Before The Hair Signals It!

One of the main world reasons for death is heart attack and statistics say this is lethal. It is really important to see the signs of the body months before it might happen.

The body is going through some changes and they are embedded in the hair, strangely, through the hormone of stress cortisol – it gives enough info of possible heart attack months before.

A group of Canada scientists made a study and saw that marriage problems, work and financial problems are the greatest risk factors that damage the heart. Cortisol is measured in saliva, urine and blood.

Stan Van Mind and Gideon Koran, professors of University Western Ontario explained how these specimens and analyses show high cortisol even days and hours before  a heart attack!

The hair

The hair shows possible heart attack even sooner; it grows 1 cm per month and just 6 inches hair demonstrate cortisol amount piled from longer time span.

This was a proof of analyses made on hair samples of 56 people that sadly had heart attacks. It was compared with results from samples of people with different health issues and no heart complications.

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