We Eat Toxic Food! Recognize GMO Tomatoes!

A lot of people don’t recognize gmo tomatoes. But here you can read more about them and know what you eat everyday.

This is because the FDA decided for you people to care or not care; in other words it is the same for you if you eat hybrid tomatoes that resist low temperatures?

Some people are not interested in their food, or frankenfood, but those that care can recognize modified food now.

This is how you find out:

The fruits and veggies grown in normal ways or with injections bear tags on them with four numbers.

The organic fruits and veggies have price tags and five numbers, the first one 9. GMO foods have price tags with five numbers and the first one is 8. This is crucial for recognizing! Especially, since more than 80% are GMOs in USA.

In Europe countries, the making and selling of GMO is banned, like in Germany, Greece, France, Luxemburg and Hungary.

Source and Image Source: makeyourlifehealthier.com