Do This Weekly At Least Once And Look 10 Years Younger!

 You must have wondered how Japanese women always look the same age? Regardless their age, they do not change!

Japanese women have great skin complexion so for them is the same at 50 as it is in the 30s.

They are known for their porcelain tan and skin which is too perfect.

Everytime a model has to promote some skin commercial, Japanese women are the first candidates.

The important question is what is their secret for porcelain skin even back in the centuries?

For centuries back, they have known the great benefits of rice. Whether rice bran powder, rice bran oil or rice water on skin – rice is the main cure. It also removes spots not just nurtures the skin.

Since rice is an antioxidant it also improves the overall health.

This food contains too much linoleic acid and squalene, a powerful antioxidant that improves collagen production in the skin. That is all natural and protects the skin from early aging and wrinkles. Also, it makes protection from sun damage and sun tanning. To add, rice has a lot of vitamin E and gamma oryzol and these reduce the bad cholesterol in the blood and also keep the heart healthy.

A lot of people still do not know about rice and its benefits about youthful skin soft and silky.

This is a rice recipe for anti-wrinkle facial mask to get that glowing look:


  • 3 tbsp rice
  • 1 tbsp honey
  • 1 tbsp milk

Boil the rie and strain it, then separate the rice and the water. Add 1 spoon heated milk in the rice and mix. At last add the honey.

Firstly, clean the face and apply the mask. Let it sit a while and then when dry, rinse it with the rice water.

The rice water is like cream or moisturizer and improves better circulation, prevents spots from aging and reduces inflammation. Also, it protects a bit from the sun.

To get best results, do this once a week. You will reduce 10 years of your age!

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