Dandelion Root Strengthens Blood And Immunity And Also Is A Cure For Lung Prostate And Other Cancers

The dandelion is a flower plant that is almost everywhere in the world. Is in the weed family, but also claimed to be a good medicine. Both root and leaves are great cures. The root has bunch of minerals; potassium, magnesium, calcium, silica, iron, chlorophyll and sulfur. It also has inulin and mucilage that improve the work of the digestive tract, gather the food toxins and cleanse the liver too. In the leaves there are minerals and vitamins; C, A, K, B6, B1 and E.

All these facts are known. Some recent studies show new facts about this root.

A research showed how dandelion root eliminate 98% of leukemia cells in lab tests, after only 48 hours.

Dr. Carolyn Hamm of Windsor Regional Cancer Centre of Ontario, Canda, said the extract of the root was the only helping ingredient for chronic myelomonocytic leukemia. John Di Carlo, a patient, suffered through aggressive therapies and treatments for leukemia and was advised to spend his last days at home. Then he was advised to try dandelion root tea. In 4 months he was in remission and the doctors were amazed from this dandelion tea effect. In addition, the famous herbalist, Maria Treben, recommended dandelion tea from root for many illnesses, among which is cancer.

The studies showed how the root extract is quick to attack the cancer cells, even in only 48 hours, and during that time new healthy cells appeared without being infected from cancer cell.

Other studies also showed the root extract to be powerful anticancer ingredient: prostate, colon, breast, leukemia, liver or lung cancer. However, with skin or brain cancer there were no amazing results.

Our immunity controls every cell. If immunity is healthy, cancer would not appear. If immunity is down, the body has lower protection and cancer can appear. The powder of dandelion root is potent phytochemical and strengthens the blood and immunity. Doctors always opt for chemo or radiation. That kills the appetite, immunity and healthy cells too. These two are the strongest fighters of cancer.

How is picked dandelion root?

This is harvested anytime during a year. After is plucked from the soil, the leaves have to be cut off and earth removed GENTLY off the root. Don’t damage the root and NEVER wash it. Then, dry it at 100 degrees by sun, or waterless incubator. The drying takes up to 5-6 days. If the root is broken or snapped – you can start using it.

Dry dandelion root has active chemicals for a whole year! Keep the roots in glass jar, and in dry, cold place.

Best form of the root is dry and in powder. Scoop almost 1 tsp once a day and mix with water, but never in sodas or hot drinks. Mostly, this makes the immunity stronger in more or less 3 weeks give or take. Then, the immunity fights the cancer to prevent more growth. However, dandelion is just natural help, not a miracle of 100%. It will not remove a cancer in one night, but over some time the chances are really big.

Source and Image Source: healthiestalternative.com