This Is A Workout So Efficient It Beats 1000 Crunches: 60 Seconds Daily For Flat Stomach In A Month

If you need to lose weight, the abdomen is the hardest start. Everyone needs a flat tummy, but crunches are hard and sometimes boring. Don’t get discouraged. The best trainers have shared the secret and it is better than 1000 crunches.

The experts say it is called PLANK. The workout is static so it means it activates the whole body by applying your weight to the arms and feet. There is no moving in this workout.

This foremost tightens the stomach. Also, removes the back pain, by strengthening the core stomach, the spine is also worked properly.

To get the most of it, position the body properly first. These are the expert instructions:

Get the right position

Place the hands on the floor and set them firm. The shoulders must be straight. Extend the neck straight.

The focus is on the abs, but you will feel burn in the legs too. If you don’t feel legs worked, the heels should be placed that way so that the weight is kept on the toes. This creates heat in the muscles. Now, focus on the buttocks. This way you activate the lower parts too.

Do not raise the buttocks upwards. Have a flat parallel position. Never a triangle upward one. Just flat.

Breathe slowly and precisely. This makes it easier to keep the flat position.

To keep flat position imagine a glass of water put on your back and imagine you mustn’t flip it.

The workout:

Put the hands and knees on floor and hands/shoulders apart widened. The back – flat.

The nose is pointed to the floor and eyes up.

Stretch out one leg and balance with the toes.  Do this with the other leg as well. Now, the whole weight is on the toes and hands.

Then tighten and contract the ab muscles for 20-60 seconds. Then, put the knees on the floor to relax. Repeat 3 times. In the future you can even last more than 1 minute.

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