How Can You Soften Up And Expand Tight Shoes?

Tight shoes are killing your feet, especially new ones. But, don’t worry, this is a cheap DIY easy way to make them softened.

But, this trick works the best probably on leather shoes, it works also on artificial materials and leather, but best for real leather. With artificial materials the procedure must be repeated.

Instructions for the method:

Take two ziplock bags of plastic that have a zip sealer. Fill them ¼ with water and put them in the shoes. Then “freeze” the shoes this way.

When the bags are completely frozen, take the shoes out and let them sit at least half an hour enough for the water to melt in the bags. In the end remove the water bags and dry the shoes with hairdryer.

This is a known and perfect trick for loosening shoes, bran new at least. This can even expand them by one whole size number!

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