The Top Proven Health Benefits of Eating Eggs

Most of the time, the public is being fooled by the television about the positive effects that eggs have on people, instead they are constantly writing and publishing articles about the bad effects that eggs have for people. If your health is essential for you, then eggs are the right choice for your diet. The eggs are products with high quality, they are consisted of many minerals, vitamins and are very useful in preventing heart, brain and other types of strokes.

Eggs Are Very Nutritious

They contain a lot of minerals, vitamins, good fats, proteins and several other nutrients. All of these nutrients are quality nutrients and this is the main reason why eggs are considered to be one of the healthiest products.

One big egg of let’s say 50g consists of:

Vitamin D- 10 % of the RDA

Vitamin A-5 % of the RDA

Vitamin B2-15 % of the RDA

Phosphorus: 9 % of the RDA

Selenium: 28 % of the RDA

Vitamin B6: 5 % of the RDA

Vitamin B12: 10 % of the RDA

Furthermore, eggs also have some normal quantity of Vitamin: K, E, zinc and calcium. They have 6 grams of protein, 3 grams of healthy fats and 78 calories. Also, they have several other nutrients that are essential for a healthy life. So, we can say that eggs are one of the best products to consume and the main reason is that they have all nutrients that a person needs.

The following are some thrilling advantages that eggs give:

Eggs Can Give You Good Healthy Eyes

As we mentioned above, eggs can give great eye sight. Due to this fact, we can forget about the carrots for a while. Lutein and zeaxanthin are strong antioxidants that can be found in egg yolks. And also they are very helpful when it comes to lowering the possibility of evolving macular degeneration and several additional eye problems.

A survey was performed by Tufts University and it was presented to the public in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in August 1999. This survey showed that when people eat egg yolks the lutein and zeaxanthin are highly expressed in the body.

People should always eat the egg completely. Because all of the nutrients mentioned until now can be found mostly in the yolk.

In 2001 the Encyclopedia of Life Sciences presented a column written by Alfred Sommer. Where it says that people that lack Vitamin A is possible to be affected by losing the eye sight. And due to this reason 500,000 and even more people have shown these symptoms. So, this only shows the importance of the vitamin and it points out that people should always use it if they want good sight.

Eggs are very helpful in losing weight

People are very sceptic when it comes to eggs, they believe that consummation of eggs can make you gain weight due to its content. However, this could not be more wrong.

The Journal of the American College Nutrition presented to the public an article, which says that those people who consume in the morning eggs full with minerals, vitamins and proteins, are doing great when it comes to managing their need for food when they are trying to get thinner.

People eating eggs in the morning are different from people who consume a bagel in the morning, which is full with carbohydrates.

All of these made those people who consume eggs to eat food with less calories following the consummation of eggs. All of this persisted with people for at least 36 hours.

If you want to reduce your weight up to 88 pounds for a year, eggs are the right products for you. Not mentioning that they also are very useful when it comes in eliminating of belly fat. And they are among the first 5 products that are doing this.

Eggs are very helpful to Build Muscle and Bone Strength

Eggs are full with all the necessary substances that people need. So why people have the need to consume unnatural products?

We can explain it like this. Eggs are very productive, so when vitamin D (a vitamin that eggs are full with) is mixed with calcium that mixture will give people well-built bones. And on the other hand will exclude the chance of appearance of osteoporosis.

Most of the proteins in the eggs create well-built muscles. The body uses them when muscle tissues recommence to the load of muscle mass. This goes only for these proteins it doesn’t refer to all of them.

Eggs, also increase your brain health and keep you sharp

Choline it is a very important nutrient found in the eggs that stimulates the power of people brain.

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition made a research of 1,391 people that had from 36 to 83 years. They discovered that choline used in high quantity during diets helped to improve many cognitive functions like verbal and visual memory.

Also, the choline helps to improve the performances on cognitive tests of sensory motor and perception speed, cognition and executive function. These results were shown in an article expressed by a British Journal of Nutrition. Made to 2,000 adult people around 70 years.

It is important to mention that in other article presented by The Journal of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, 90 % of the American people don’t have good amount of choline. Therefore, it is essential to point out that eggs are full with choline. For example one big egg may give you 35 % of your choline necessities for each day.

Eggs have nutrients that postpone dementia and most importantly Alzheimer’s.

Heart Disease and Breast cancer can be prevented with consummation of eggs.

Apart from the previously mentioned functions of choline, it is good to say that it is very important in stopping breast cancer. This was expressed by the Department of Nutrition at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill by a couple of people experts in the field.

The Nutrition Reviews Journal presented the results in November 2009, however by presenting these results the problematic question about the functions of the egg was brought up again? People are wondering how it is possible that a product containing cholesterol can also have positive effects?

Also, some other products can be used when it comes to stopping breast cancer, products similar to the type of fat explained above and similar also to some seeds mentioned above as well.

A Word about Cholesterol and Eggs

If people take care of their cholesterol rate, according to people eggs are not the best choice when it comes to eating.

However, according to some findings eggs are helpful and influence positively the triglyceride levels and the cholesterol in the blood. These findings go completely against believes in the 20th century about the negative effects of eggs.

It is true that eggs are full with cholesterol. But on the other hand we can’t give good explanation about consummation of eggs full with cholesterol and blood cholesterol rates.

In 2008 the Upsala Journal of Medical Sciences made a research using 19 middle-age people with good health. During the research the people were given each day one egg. And the scientists were not able to discover any changes in the cholesterol rates of the people. The research lasted one month.

Furthermore, the journal Lipids made a research in 2003 which proved in some way that consummation of complete eggs has more positive effects. Especially it showed that it improved the rates of the good cholesterol or also known as HDL. Its important for HDL to have good numbers. Especially because it stops strokes and heart diseases. Also when the numbers are high enough the HDL molecules are functioning in a better way.

How many Eggs Should You Eat Each Day?

Seven eggs per week for people with good health is enough. Plus in this way they won’t risk any heart diseases or they will stop strokes.

However, people suffering from diabetes are at huge risk of heart diseases if they eat the amount of eggs mentioned above. This is a research made by Mayo Clinic

In 2010 the Canadian Journal of Cardiology presented a study in which it was explained that people who participated in the Physicians’ Health Study were used for a course of a 20-year study. And during this period they got diabetes and also were highly at risk in getting some cardiovascular disease. Even if they consumed only an egg each day.

People that eat eggs should know that it is good to eat the egg as a whole. However if they don’t want any more cholesterol in their blood they should eat only the whites. But they should be aware that the yolk is important too because apart of the cholesterol has other essential nutrients. In other words, the best thing to do is to consume sometimes the yolk while regulating your cholesterol level.