When You Read This, You Are Never Going In Bed Without Putting Lemon Peel On Your Heel Again!

It is very difficult usually to cope with cold weather, mostly because the legs suffer the most. Our skin becomes dry and rough and the back part of the foot below, the ankle is split in a way. So, this represents a big issue in summer. And we all know that summer is the right time to wear sandals. In those desperate times we wonder what can we do in order to get rid of the rough patches and start summer on the right note. What is the best way to deal with this, should we try and do something at home or should we visit a beauty salon to get a pedicure? Is there some possibility to avoid giving hundreds of dollars on professional foot care and still have feet that look well-tended and soft?

So, if you have problems like the ones mentioned above you are in luck. We have discovered the best solution that can make all your problems disappear and they will give you the look you wanted in s short period of time. You will need only a lemon! It is not a joke! You will need just 1 lemon or the peel from the lemon, because it is the best remedy for cracked heels and it is a very easy treatment to do.

What to do with the lemon peel

Buy one lemon which is large enough, so you are able to leave it on your heel. And then chop the lemon in half. After you squeeze the juice, you will use just the peel. A fun thing to do is if you make a lemonade and then you can enjoy in the treatment. One half of the peel goes on one heel and the other half of the peel on the other heel. Also, be careful when you put the peel, to be on the roughest area. Then in order to keep it on the same place you will need to wear a sock. Probably, it will be funny and uncomfortable at first. But then you will get used to it in no time.

If you want the peel to have a full effect leave it during the night. Or if you can’t do that leave it for an hour. In the morning there will be important improvements and after several treatments you will have well-tended and soft feet. Feet that will be prepared for the summer and your most lovable sandals.

You should try this and see it for yourself! It is a good thing to do because then you will be able to stop spending so much dollars for feet care products and pedicures that cost a lot of money. This way is the most effective and the cheapest one that you can find.

Source and Image Source: healthyfoodheadlines.com