This Is How To Check A Hotel Room For Bed Bugs

You need hotel accommodation soon? Then read and see more about bed bugs below.

As Pest World said, hotels give 75% bed bugs infestations. These small insects feed off human and animal blood and material. They can release hundreds of eggs during their life, each a size of a speck of dust. In the video, Jim Dill from University Maine Cooperative Extension, shows how to recognize bedbugs. Jim gives many tips about places and ways to see bedbugs in hotel rooms.

Most of use when entering the rooms, we head straight for the beds and throw the luggage instantly. This is awful and a sure way bedbugs will get you.

So, Jim advises to put the baggage in the bathtub immediately in the hotel room entering. Then examine the room. Check the backboards of the bed. Also the matress pipings. Another thing, is the bureau. The bedbugs are always in 20 feet of the host. Logically, they would be on the bed or tables. Look good for tiny bloodspots or fecal spots. These are signs that bedbugs have eaten.

If you find them in the hotel room, what do you do?

Watch this video to learn how to check for bed bugs